Bananas go to law school, too!


Done, Not So Much


And, therefore, ended the booze-a-thon that has been the last five days. There was much merriment, but now the merriment must end!! Four days of writing and bluebooking and kinda being in NO MOOD to do anything except eat spaghettios and drink lukewarm wine.

But, unfortunately, My Future depends on the next four days. I can't talk about it - talking about the packet/prompt is punish-worthy! Death by guillotine or exclusion from le law review! Egads!

So, since you don't want THAT to happen --- here are two commericals. For carbon dioxide. Paid for by- you guessed it -
gas companies. I laughed. And then remembered that people will soon watch these ads and, like the meatnormous egg sandwich from BK, EAT MORE GASOLINE.

Ad Numero Uno
Ad Numero Dos

Oh, and the second ad cites some research about growing ice caps.
The climate scientists at explain:

However, Johanessen et al. were not able to measure all of the coastal ranges. Indeed, the thinning of the margins and growth in the interior Greenland is an expected response to increased temperatures and more precipitation in a warmer climate. These results present no contradiction to the accelerated sliding near the coasts.