Bananas go to law school, too!


One is Silver and the Other....

Torts is DONE! That means we are halfway done with finals - - it CERTAINLY doesn't feel that way - it feels like we should be done NOW! Not forced to take another 10 credits worth of finals. Lame-o shmame-o. But, chug chug chug, all the way to the contracts bus - which will be leaving bright and early this Thursday. When broed of studying, I paid a visit to our friendly neighborhood law school bookstore and made a delicious purchase of a BRAND NEW FANCY SHMANCY LEGAL-LINE OUTLINE for Contracts! Awesome! Great! Studying will be so much better now! I am BOUND to get an A+++++++++ (plus. plus. plus).

In other news, Mr. David Blaine might die on national television tonight. Suddenly, Contracts became bunches more interesting and less death-y. I TOTALLY get seeing him in a fish tank every night at 2am; that's normal, almost makes me a cooler person. BUt I don't want to watch his death-palms turn into death-body. Of course, if anything horrible happens, I'll be deleting this paragraph because my WITTY BANTER is only entertaining when it's not true. But seriously, I hope nothing bad happens because it would SUCK to have to get rid of my comedic gold.