Bananas go to law school, too!


That Waiter Just Torted My Ass

It's been a little bit of a Torts-a-thon of late which explains the lack of any posts of much merit and the derth of posts that are more like "hi! today i had a granola bar for breakfast! it was good. i had tuna for lunch! it was good. for dinner i have chili! it was good. i can't wait for tommorrow! it will be good."

I just can't wait until one and a half weeks from now, for our Weekend Of Fun! (four days between end of finals and start of writing competition). It'll be just like Senior Year except everyone's a little more pale, unhappy, drinking more straight liquor than "mixed drinks" and every few hours someone is going to throw in a prima facie case for SOMETHING they learned this year.

David Blaine report: still pruny, more lethargic. Went there last night and, after scowling at the poeple who dared to have a good time and smile and not be studying, David Blaine just sat around his tank like a Beta Fish.