Bananas go to law school, too!



So I just got an awesome email from our dean. Apparently the law school, while not being able to produce a functioning central air system, found it in their hearts to give everyone a pair of FREE FLIP FLOPS. Pretty neat, huh? Neater still is the email our dean sent which MUST have been tounge-in-cheek. My favorite part, when describing his dream for the flip flops which are embossed on the bottom with our law school's name:

If you should find yourself on a beach at any point in the months ahead, please make sure that the imprint is stamped deeply and repeatedly into the sand. You will be doing your part to help spread the name [of our law school]. I would, of course, particularly appreciate it if you wear [law school] flip flops as you wear your [law school] centennial hat.

Which makes me think of only one thing....