Bananas go to law school, too!


ten ten ten things!

Everything's turning up banana. No, really. Lots of good news. Partially helped by two glasses of free wine thanks to my boss. Becuase he, like everyone else, hearts the banana. Allow me to list:

1. I didn't make Law Review. How is this good news? Well, it's not. But I got on all the OTHER NON-LAW REVIEW journals which, really, put together, have to equal law review. RIGHT??? RIGHT??? No. Wrong. Wrong.

2. However. TWO of the four other people in study group DID make law review. How awesome are they (who shall remain nameless, you know, becuase they're modest like that). AND the rest of study group is going to be on the same "other journal." Awesome! I love study group.

3. Sigh, I didn't make law review. life is over.

4. No, not it's not.

5. A table at the restaurant said I had the nicest teeth they've ever seen. That's right! They're great! And straight! Never had braces! Woohoo!

6. I got new jeans in the mail. Hot ass.

7. I made 25% in tips tonight. I am so great! No more law school for me!

8. No. Wrong. I love law school. I am literally counting the days until I get back.

9. I changed my address for NetFlix so now I can actually use it again. I watched the first season of Felicity. memmoooorrrrriiiiieeeessss!

10. I spend five hours every day IMing Sara during work discussing the following concepts:
a) things we would buy from Sephora
b) things we would buy from Overstock
c) our ridiculous and horrible co-workers
d) OUR NEW FABULOUS JEWLERY COMPANY. And you will buy our beautiful creations. Promise.

So, yes, 10 (kinda) things that make me in a good mood. 1 thing that makes me grumpy bones:
1. I have to go to work tomorrow.