Bananas go to law school, too!



I was all set to write about the new Law & Order CI tonight that I am claiming was ripped-from-the-headlines from the Chris Porco story, but I don't really know how to write about it without being offensive or otherwise "in bad taste." So there, my statement, my claim, boom. Game set match.

Anyway, wierd couple of weeks that I'm glad are over -- back into the swing of things here at the ol' law school. I kinda hate two of my classes. One of them I won't mention by name (you know, you know, me trying to be all anonymous). [upon further review. i won't rip off the Simpsons with a lame joke. I am minorly paranoid about ruining my life with this idiot blog] There we go. Nice & anonymous.

But yea, it's the most ridiculous class that I ever could imagine. Honestly. Sometimes I think to myself: "This can't be happening." But it is. And I'm there. For instance, our professor is going on vacation in a few weeks. So we need to hold a make up class. So WHEN DOES EVERYONE DECIDE TO HOLD IT?

Friday night. 6PM - 8PM. I'm no crazy party animal. But there are RULES OF LAW SCHOOL. And the first rule is: No Class on Friday for 2Ls and 3ls. I am taking six straight hours of class on Tuesdays simply to accomodate such a desire; nay, need [Also, I don't have Monday classed. Shh. Don't tell anyone]. Oh no, but they have OUTDONE THEMSELVES. What's worse than a generic Friday class? A Friday evening class. Seriously, shoot me.


I would be able to tolerate a Friday evening class if, in fact, it was mildly interesting. HOWEVER! It is not that the subject is "uninteresting." It is not that the professor is "bad," even. It is the fact that for the past three weeks we have literally read ONE case. One. Uno. Jeden. I can't handle it. And our assignment for next class: "Now, let's go back and really read the case. I'll be asking you lots of tough questions."

I'm not legal nerd (um. yes i am. constitution team unite!). But still, at this point in my illustrious legal education, I just want to be challanged a little bit. I don't need crazy professor with tons of hypos and random cold-calls. But, really, for the sake of my brain, I need to read more than one case a month.

Sigh. I have a huge, maddening, law crush on a certain Mr. Elliot Stabler (i.e. Christopher Meloni). Sigh. Swoon. SWOOOON.

In other news, Lindsay & Kara & I went to Astoria over the weekend (An Outer Borough! Shock! Awe!) and had a grand old time. We ended up at the Beer Garden out there after a housewarming party for someone we didn't know. But we brought beer, so we were welcome guests. The laws of social physics DO exist in the Outer Boroughs! Fact!