Bananas go to law school, too!


Diet Dr. Pepper; More like Diet Dr. AWESOME

First week of 2L - finito! It was a busy one, and one which was marked with less-than-reliable internet service, which will explain the lack of updates. However, week in review:

I lucked out with a four day weekend every week. No Monday or Friday classes. This could go one of two ways: 1) I spend my four days off holed up in the library, preparing for three intense days of classes where I am primed and on POINT or 2) I spend my four days off considering going to the library but instead realizing that sleeping in and watching The View is more fun.

Choice 2 would be easier but, considering that I made the perhaps-stupid decision to take Evidence & Corporations in the same semester, I can't let it happen. Which is why you find me here, in the library, on a Sunday. Three cheers for Banana.

I like Evidence, I like Trademarks, I'm hoping to like my Land Use class (hasn't really started yet) but I just can't get my mind around Corporations (yet). Which is why I am here, blogging instead of trying to organize my thoughts around Agency and Authority and other Things I Do Not Understand. In due time. Maybe it'll pull a CivPro and I'll fall madly in love with in two weeks before the final.

I had my first callback last week. Went well. Aaaaaand, that's about all I'm going to say about that because the last thing I need is this blog to bite me in the bum later. Although I did pull a very-cliched dropping-spaghetti-sauce-on-my-shirt at a firm cocktail thing. Because, seriously people, you can't give me free booze and expect food to go IN the mouth. However, clever placement of my oversized nametag made it seem as if NOTHING HAD HAPPENED! Cheers!

Other things:
I am very much looking forward to the week of the 18th -- season premiere of America's Next Top Model & Grey's Anatomy, season finale of Project Runway, Wine Night, a callback at a firm I'm mega-excited about, AND EVEN MORE THINGS THAT ARE GREAT AND AWESOME. So, until then, I might be mellow yellow --- but that week will rock :)