Bananas go to law school, too!


"Anna, enough with the lame lists and boring posts. Write something funny."

apologies, dear readers. unfortunately, law school has taken what little creativity I have in my brain and replaced it with marshmallow fluff. Marshmallow fluff that gets pangs of painful nostalgia for college every, you know, three minutes.

but aren't you having an amaaaaazing time in new york and law school?
fine. sorta.

new york is lovely, and exciting, and fascinating, and never boring. but sometimes baby just needs boring and ridiculous and peach beer at the distillery and then walking home, buzzed, to my big bed with pretty sheets and messy floor. BUT instead, i have to be content with an amazing view of manhattan, clean floor, high ceilings and a landlord who doesn't walk in on you in the shower.

law school - yes, there's a lot of work, yes a lot of reading and class alternates between being painfully boring and almost-crapping-your-pants-because-"no-professor-flipflops-i-do-not-know-the-answer-to-your-ridiculous-question." but that's not the worst of it, i don't think. it's just that's all everything anyone can talk about. it's not really like i'm this fabulous conversationalist who has a list of fabulous topics I'd rather be talking about. but, really, i'll talk about the merits of peppermint over spearmint gum before i want to talk about how so-and-so already has done a practice exam for crim with one other person.

in other news: marie & i made postsecrets this past weekend. They are SO awesome and had better be posted. but i'm not telling you what mine is, because then, clearly, it would no longer be a secret. BUT it's awesome, I can tell you that much and WILL link to the site if I get posted in the next few weeks (about 10 new postsecrets get posted every Sunday). keep your fingers crossed!!

i had a ridiculous nightmare last night that i can't post publicly about, really, but i woke up, quite literally, in tears, which i hadn't done in years.

i'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow. i haven't quite figured out if i like the fact that i'm going back to selling out to the blonde hair gods, but we'll see how it goes. and LT bought me a camera, because i realized that i have NO pictures of any of my adventures, so i think i am going to promise that i will start taking pictures and posting them. because, for all you know, i could really just be living in detroit, in cardboard box, barefoot and pregnant with a pegleg, and making everything up in my craaaaazy mind. how's that hypothetical for ya?

"no anna, there's no way you're pregnant" thanks. take issue with that, of all things.