Bananas go to law school, too!


Marie & I were going to go to faaaabulous NYC-area law school party tonight to, you know, maybe meet some people who we haven't met before. And, seeing as though we are like the SAME RIDICULOUSLY FRIENDLY peson when we are drunk, this was A Likely Thing. Unfortunately, we each had, and then promptly recovered from, mini-freak-out about how "law school is hard." But then hula (Marie) & gym (me) made us all much less stressed and in fabulous moods. But we still didn't go, becuase law school is, unfortunately, still hard.

The other day we had a career planning session which amounted to them telling us not to worry about jobs, really, until next semester and to focus on school. FOCUS ON SCHOOL. FOCUS ON SCHOOL. I think they tried to make us less stressed but I (a) wasn't even thinking about my job next summer and therefore was nervous that others were stressed enough to necessitate a meeting telling us not to stress out and (b) all the talk about focusing on school made me re-remember how important this year was (grade-wise) and how I need to get on the ball and cannot afford any fabulous weekends of mucho funo a 'la the last two weekends. Yragh!

Harriet Miers peaced out. Thank goodness for the country/respect of SCOTUS, but I kinda feel bad for her - essentially lampooned by the entire country. And! She! Seems! Like! A! Nice! Enough! Person!