Bananas go to law school, too!


So Fuego, Lindsay & I had an awesome time at the bar. Then we all watched porn for two hours, uncomfortably, at some dude's house (who I thought was French for half the night, but turned out to be Jewish) And then we went to the 24 hour diner, because it somehow became 6am. BUT THEN THE BEST PART EVER::::::

We went to CVS. Fuego & I got two boxes of the most expensive condoms they had. We went to the front counter. Upon ringing everything up, I say " can you void the last two items?" And she's like " okay...." and I run off. I RETURN WITH CVS-BRAND SARAN WRAP AND A BAG OF RUBBER BANDS. So instead of 26.52, our purchase rings up as 5.24 cents. And then Fuego says " Two bucks would be your fair share" to me. At this point, Lindsay was outside the CVS, keeping company with a crazy lady. The CVS counter lady is straight laughing at us and we are doing OUR BEST at not cracking up! We fail miserably, but we exit with our makeshift condoms, girl scout style. BEST NIGHT EVER. FOR REALS.