Bananas go to law school, too!


achoo! is pretty much the story from my camp. but still, NYC made for a lovely, rainy, cloudy day which IN NO PART consisted of any library time. which, until contracts tomorrow, is a Good Thing.

I had to go to the east side of 5th avenue this morning for a meeting, and once it was done, a fleet of ferarris and antonin scalias (read: NYC Columbus Day Parade) blocked the way home. I walked around aimlessly literally for two hours, got some shopping done, bought pretty-smelling perfume, and felt decidedly non-tourist for like, the millionth time.

Pete & I went to a museum exhibit at the NY Historical Museum about slavery in NYC. It was an interesting spin, kinda trying to gloss over the whole "NYC had more slaves than any other city except Charleston in the 18th century" fact with a whole lot of New York City Was Where The Freedom Movement Started And Is A Melting Pot Of Many Peoples.

But it reaffirmed my love for history, especially old documents and ledgers. I kept being annoying to everyone around me who was trying to look at the pretty pictures, trying to get a better look at all the original documents they had everywhere. It made me totally yearn for afternoons in the Rare Books room back in Rochester. Like really crave, to the point where I want to try to sham a visit in two weeks. But I'll probably be too drunk to care, at that point.
All that history fun made me not really get too excited about eminent domain, surprise surprise. I need to get back on the boat of really getting into my schoolwork or i will Fail At Life.

speaking of failing at life, back to being sick. :-/