Bananas go to law school, too!


I really really really want Mel Weekend to happen. So, with every ounce of my being, I am going to be as focused during this week as possible so I can (a) go to Mel wknd and (b) not fail at school/life. Lofty goals, but I think I can achieve it!

Professor FF straight up called a kid stupid today in class. Like actually said "that was a stupid thing to say." and then proceeded to repeat the sentiment 4 more times. Of course, he has got to say this to one of the smartest kids in our section which made it more entertaining than anything else. But still -- calling a kid stupid? Now that takes balls.

AND PS: this weekend was a-maze-ing. Like so much fun that it made me positively sad when everyone left and, with them, took happiness. I'm wearing my nerd glasses today because my contacts don't work that well went you spend half the night crying - they get salty :). I clearly wasn't just upset because Lindsay & Fuego left, because that would be, as some would call it, "socially awkward" and prove that I suffer from "attachment issues." But, in case you haven't noticed, this blog isn't overly personal, so I won't start now. :) But, like most things that make me emotional, it lasted six hours and then I got over it, so all's well in le campe de anna, no woories. You know, if anyone out there actually cared :)