Bananas go to law school, too!


Oh man. Yesterday was quite the day. I made amaaaaazing curried squash soup with apples and cumin and cinnamon and all sorts of amazingness. It was quite nice and there's a bunch frozen in the fridge, perfect for weather like we're enjoying. It was so nice letting it simmer for a few hours - it filled our little apartment with a scent also known as "Autumn."

Last night, me and three girls from my section went to a loungie bar type place on the lower east side. Not to get into specifics, but I got more drunk than I should have but it was still a good time. I need to learn that NO you can never never go drink for drink with others. It will never, ever work. And then I got home, ran around in my underwear and proclaimed EVERYONE as my most favorite. Which, although logically questionable, is true :)

Newsflash: pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks are delicious.
Double newsflash: friendies come tomorrow! It's like pre-gaming Mel weekend. :)