Bananas go to law school, too!


Things you should know

1. Doritos now has a fancyfancy slogan on the front of it's bag: "NOW BETTER TASTING" Which can only mean one thing: I had to gets me a bag. So I sucked up the 75 cents at yee olde vending machine in our hot dog themed cafe (read: yellow walls, pillars, chairs and i was wearing a red shirt which passed, for sake of metaphor, as ketchup), and bought myself a bag. I can't really remember the last time I had Nacho Cheesier Doritos so I don't know if they were necessarily better, but they were not that good. Lesson learned: when it doubt, Cooler Ranch is ALWAYS the way to go.

2. Fuego & Lindsay are coming to NYC in a week and a half. Which is most excellent. Though I am hoping that Pete gets un-homeless because two guests in our little apartment means SOMEONE'S sleeping on the floor. The floor upon which I have, in the last month, spilled coffee, diet coke, coffee (two more times), chicken broth and shampoo. And, unlike dog pee, you can't just "throw some newspaper on it" and pretend it doesn't exist. Who knew?

3. We still don't have a TV (damn the man!) but I have been able to get my fix of America's Next Top Model, the Amazing Race (usually, not a fan, but a girl i graduated with is on it, so i best witness my limited claim to fame), Daily Show & Family Guy through well-timed gym visits and because fabulous-roommate Maria hooked me up with a neato website from which to "borrow" TV shows onto my hard drive. I initially thought that downloading the TV shows would make me super-productive because I can watch them when I get home from the library where I'm usually just dicking around with my roommates ANYWAYS. And that really did last week. This week, however, I was all set up in the library, my Gilberts & Legalines all opened to eminent domain, highlighters primed and ready, coffee, red bull all set up. And, of course, I was watching the Daily Show. And so it goes. But that JonJon just rocks my socks.

4. Ryan, Marie's friend from undergrad with whom we hung out on Friday, implied that I am mildly psychotic in the way that I eat fruit on the bottom yogurt (yes, I was eating yogurt and watching March of the Penguins, thanks for asking. WHAT DO YOU DO ON FRIDAY NIGHTS, ASSTARD?) I do not mix fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. I think it's because no one ever told me that it's the socially-acceptable way to eat yogurt, and, as with most things except leaky ice cream cones, you generally eat from "top" to "bottom." Ryan thinks it was because I was abused as a child/my father didn't love me/I'm Catholic. Marie was unavailable for comment. :)

Good night and listen to The Fray - they are top-notch :)