Bananas go to law school, too!


Usually I try to stay away from being too political on yee olde bloge, so I won't say anything about how RIDICULOUS this Alito character is and how I hope the Ds will actually do something about it. Serrrrrriously.

Yesterday marked the first (and last) day of MILKGATE 2005

As I'm brewing my delicious pot of coffee, I go to prep a pink tumbler (of doom, I like to say) with skim milk to make Folger's House Blend slightly, how do you say?, palatable. But - egads! - skim milk is alllll empty. In my head I think "I just bought a carton two weeks ago and only used a dash of it in my coffee right after I bought it" (I had been trying to get through my CoffeeMate before it went bad and, alas, this morning I lost the battle and had to through it out because it started smelling funky -- foreshadowing --). So, I use up a little more of the coffeemate and headed back to study zone (of doom, let’s be serious) and then proceed to ask Marie/a about the CASE OF THE MISSING MILK. I was trying to think of all sorts of scenarios that would make my missing milk make sense, all of which had something, strangely, to do with clowns, shoelaces and NOT MY FAULT.

Of course, as it turns out, it was my fault. Anna "I bought my milk two weeks ago and it is ALL GONE!" really bought her milk in september and it expired three weeks ago and this past-due expiration date was brought to Marie’s attention by something we like to refer to as a Stench To High Heaven and kindly threw it out. Of course, due to the fact that this weekend was brought to you by "This bottle of alcohol is a perfect alternative to dinner," I had no idea that (a) the fridge had a S.T.H.H. and (b) it was my fault.

So there ya go. Milk goes bad. Who knew?