Bananas go to law school, too!


I need to stop this whole stay up really late doing work, wake up really early for class and then spend the whole day grumpy, hungry and unmotivated gimmick. Because then I will turn into a fat, stupid curmudgeon and, since it’s after halloween and costumes are no longer "cool", it would behove me not to participate in such tomfoolery. God, I love the word "tomfoolery."

Besides! It’s November first. El dia de los muertos! Que curiosidad! Also, and more applicable I think, it is also the beginning of what I refer to as "Crunch Time." Because finals are like so soon and it’s taking more willpower than usual not to spend my afternoons drinking gin & tonics and watching Oprah. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I’D RATHER BE DOING. Not this crazy little thing called law.

Not that I regret being in law school. I played the "let’s think back to where I was one year ago" game and, yes, this is preferable and I am happy. Not that there was anything "bad" about my Senior Year In College, but this is much more personally fulfilling in the way that Oreos, although they give you a stomache ache if you have too many and make you antisocial - at least for a little bit - because you have to brush your teeth after you eat them, are better than Chips Ahoy, the crunchy, flavorless party snack.