Bananas go to law school, too!


law school is ruining my life.
i'm actually in a really good mood right now but, objectively, above statement is still true. Why, you ask? I'm missing out of, arguably, Two Great Things this weekend because of the memo.

1. Elton John is throwing Pete a birthday party tonight and I was supposed to go.
2. Marie & I are going to be filmed for a movie tomorrow.

Both of those would, for sake of "clarity" and "truth value" might tend to warrant some sort of explanation. But it's much more fun this way. Because both of those statements are 100% true. On a 1000% scale. No, really, they're true. They're true the way a lawyer would say they're true. Thaaaaaat's right, that's how I'll put it (and everything I'll ever say for the rest of my life).

Unfortunately, these fun events, more-likely-than-not, will NOT be happening. Sad, depressed, self-loathing face.

edit: no, we were not going to be extras on a movie. better than that - hypothetically having speaking lines.