Bananas go to law school, too!


Reasons Why I Can't WAIT to Go Back to Chicago

1. the fam
2. Jill & Katie :)
3. Jill living in the city
4. Everything being cheaper, including developing film. I still have a roll of Meliora Weekend film that I am not ready to spend an extra six dollars more than Illinois to develop. So I'm waiting until Tuesday. But you can see preliminary stolen photos here.
5. It's supposed to snow on Wednesday. Which means that I can be there for the falling of it/enjoying of it, without having to witness the muddying of it. Oh, it snows in NYC, you say? I know. But not yet, so I'll pretend that it doesn't exist until it is here.
6. The memo will be over. And finals will be fast-approaching. Which means that I can do work at the kitchen table, just like six years ago.
7. I am out of coffee here (who knew I could actually average 7 cups a day?). So I will be able to steal some from home.
8. WE HAVE WIRELESS INTERNET IN OUR HOUSE. My parents JUST entered the 21st century, which means that they stepped up from dial-up AOL. Thank goodness.
9. Kinda like 7, but free meals cooked by my mother are something of a "step up" from eating only from places with the word "box" in the title.
10. UM, THANKSGIVING is one of my most favorite holidays :)

Ten is enough. Which is what I just said about my memo re: pages. Also because 10 is the page limit, but that is no matter :)

Speaking of the memo, I am a handful of citations away from being done and, with it, my first semester legal writing class. Wooo! Impending Doom of finals ALSO means that we are almost half-way done with our first year of law school which, depending on who you ask, is The Only Thing That Counts. So, really, to be almost half-way done is a pretty cool feeling. Of course, this implies that
a) I make it through finals alive
b) I do not fail out
c) I do not do really really badly (because someone told me that b) has never actually happened at this school).

I wish I had a funny story to tell but, alas, I have been a pretty boring soul recently. However, tomorrow is the all-school-bar-night in celebration of long memo being done & other such festivities. In other words, drunk law students. Will promise to be a night of great fun and great hilarity - some accounts of which will inevitably end up in yee olde bloge. So just sit tight :)