Bananas go to law school, too!


Don’t have much time BUT just had to say a few things:

Yesterday, we had a snow day. It snowed hard for about 3 hours. The rest of the day it was sunny. Still, the last day of classes were sunny. COME ON MANHATTAN. Stop being a baby. Maybe coming from Rochester/Chicago, where people are a little “weathered” [haha] in terms of Onslaught of Snow forecasts, I just can’t comprehend “snow days’ as a concept. But when Marie from Missouri thinks it was strange to have a snow day, it’s confirmed: I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist, usually look down on the “crazies” for thinking that something has to behind every strange occurance. But I have three words for you: hooker, dean, cocaine overdose. I’m NOT saying that our dean killed a prostitute and needed a little extra time to bury her body Friday morning and decided to use the flurries as the perfect cover for why he wasn’t in his office. Of course not**. I’m just saying, I smell something fishy.

Ah! Finals are coming, finals are coming!

**no, really, i'm not saying that. don't sue me for libel.