Bananas go to law school, too!


One week until my first final! Eek! But I won’t use this lovely forum known as My Blog to complain because that’s not the way I “roll.”

In an effort to try ANYTHING to make myself fall asleep (double-dose of max-strength Unisom, increased gym frequency, etc), I’ve given up and decided that I will just use the hours between 2-5 to watch movies, so as to Enter the World of Popular Culture. I’ve tried doing work during that time, but I just get angry and frustrated and angry and frustrated doesn’t make for easy learning of future interests.

So, first movie on the list was Me and You and Everyone We Know. I loved it – it reminded me in theme (Crazybones Looking For Love) but not in plot (spanking) of Secretary – another goodie. There’s this 10-year-old girl who loves home goods and keeps all the blenders/bathmats/china sets in a chest she calls her “dowry.” I love it, I love it, it made me laugh out loud. There’s other good scenes (goldfish, back and forth, and relationship walk are three more) that I won’t explain because it wouldn’t make sense without having seen the movie. Even then, you’re not quite sure of the context. But, it was a really good movie, really nicely-constructed characters, all that jazz. Can’t wait for my next Netflix selection to come in the mail.

Other than that, one of my professors is in DC because of the Solomon Amendment arguments in front of the Supreme Court yesterday. Clearly, I’m all about the right of the law school not to be compelled to support speech they don’t agree with for fear of losing government money – but there was an interesting article on Slate this morning that, even though I don’t agree with, I respected it for it’s somewhat rational argument of the opposing viewpoint.

It’s now bitterly cold in NYC and, even though I spent the last four years in Rochester braving the cold/snow, it still doesn’t make it any easier, in the end. Such is life.

If anyone from school is reading this – GO TO THE CATHOLIC LAW STUDENTS CHRISTMAS PARTY TONIGHT IN THE ATRIUM. Open-bar, food, FREE if you donate a toy to go to a battered women’s shelter. Otherwise, 10 buckaroos. Can’t beat that!