Bananas go to law school, too!


First snow in NYC this morning! The only good thing about being an insomniac and still being up at 6am is that I was able to witness the very first snowflakies falling on lovely new york. It was super-pretty and I was watching Serendipity and it all just felt so - serendipitous.

Also, finally got pictures developed from back in October when Linds/Fuego came & visited as well as Mel Weekend. Suffice to say, almost all of them were of Jenni and I groping each other in public

or me licking Sara's face .

Unfortunately, we did NOT document the saran-wrap/rubber bands incident, but there are a couple choice pics from that night regardless. Or irregardless, becuase I know it isn't a word*.

While at CVS, I picked up some Unisom so that I could, you know, actually fall asleep. I was going to go all earthy with some melatonin but, damnit, finals are in two weeks and baby needs the big guns.

I also came quite close to buying a real, live xmas tree when I was walking around this morning. There's something so surreal about walking through a Forest [read: pile of evergreens] near Columbus Circle. There were even these ridiculously cute baby trees that would FIT IN MY POCKET [where I keep all cute things]. Like most of the cute things I claim to keep in my pocket [attractive men, babies, little tiny pebbles**] that is a "lie." But they were small enough to keep in my room and I SO wanted one. But I'm going home in a little more than two weeks and my little tree of hope and love would die out and turn brown OR I would have to throw away a Christmas tree two days before Christmas and CAN YOU THINK OF A SADDER THING?????

*I may have stolen this line from Fuego, but I'm not sure. It's hard becuase we are both so ridiculously witty all the time. [sarcasm] **THAT is an allusion to Monty Python. 10 points if you got it.