Bananas go to law school, too!


Well, word on the street is that I have something of a property "final" tomorrow morning. And that's the last I'll speak of this property final until forever because I am following a self-imposed gag order re: anything post-exam gossip. I will talk about my exam with exactly three groups of people: high school friends, rochester friends and family, if at all. Notice, there law school friends do not fall into the mix. Although they are all near and dear to my heart, there is nothing I can't stand like the inevitable chatter post-exam. It's pointless, and annoying and self-serving (sorry, that sounds super-judgemental, but really....either you think you did great and you want everyone else to know that you think you did great - however much that is worth - or you think you did shitty and you want everyone to reassure you that no, you didn't. either way, no one knows anything about what they're talking about and, really, we're wasting our collective breath. Which I'll gladly do if we're talking about Angelina and Brad - but covenants and eminent domain? No thank you.)

So that's my diabtrabe about that. Glad I got that out of my system.

I was thinking about flowers earlier today. And how I hate baby's breath. And carnations. And carnations surrounded by baby's breath? Ew. And I remember when an old friend of mine gave me a beautiful arrangment of roses for graduation - and there was ne'er a baby's breath sprig to be found. And, Niki, having been my friend for long enough to know my irrational hatred exclaimed, upon seeing them, "He IS your soul mate."
On the other end of the spectrum, to flowers I (irrationally?) love - therein lies the elusive African Violet. I remember my mom had a big pot of them on the dining room table and I would spend hours just sitting there and rubbing the furry little leaves. I liked to run my fingers against the hair grain and make the little fuzz stand up on its end. My mom always said that if you tear off a little corner of one of the leaves and plant them in the soil, you'll grow a new plant. That fascinated me to no end - and I probably went a little too far every now and then until every leaf had a little piece missing and was ozzing globs of aloe gel onto the soil. I envisioned this moutainous eruption of African Violets to awaken me the next morning - which never happened. I would be sure to tear off a little corner before things that made me nervous, as a little good luck gesture. And I was thinking how I would probably do that tonight, if I were at home, sit and rub the little leaves and find a corner, hidden enough so it wouldn't be seen (who had soon put a morotorium on my green-thumb-gone-horribly-wrong horticulture methods), and dig a little hole with my pinky - planting my little green corner of Good Hope for Good Tidings.

Unfortunately, I have no African Violets in this here apartment, so I may be stuck with having to just cross my fingers, toes and eyes and say a good prayer. Which, I suppose, is good enough.

In an effort to "calm down" and "relax" I watched one of my recent NetFlix DVDs - Happiness. WELL LET ME TELL YOU HOW THE TITLE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF ITS CONTENT. It was kinda like American Beauty meets Pedophilia Today meets I don't know what. It took Sara four years to train me NOT to close my eyes at the uncomfortable parts of movies and watch them so that I could get the full movie effect - but I think even she would have to had at least turned away, a little bit, during certain scenes. There was a scene I had to turn the mute on because I just couldn't stand to listen to the dialogue any more. But that's not to say it wasn't a good movie, though. Good characters (well-acted, not many of Redeeming Moral Quality), lots of different subplots all tying together - and fun cameos by some fave actors. Overall, not a date movie, and not necessarily a movie you want to watch again. But a Good Movie, as far as Good Movies go. I think I need to turn to some non-depressive non-independent movies. Maybe a romantic comedy (or, RomCom, as the cool kids call them) or cheesy comedic with the likes of a certain Will Ferrel. Who knows. Only the random goodness of NetFlix can tell :)