Bananas go to law school, too!


The good thing about law school finals is that I’ve stopped having time for any type of “why am I in law school?” moments of self-doubt. I talked to Miss Sara today about her fabulous plans with Lindsay about maybe teaching English in Japan in two years and I realized that in two years, I’ll be studying for the bar exam so I can be a lawyer. And, contrary to what I keep telling myself, I don’t think that they pay the big bucks (read: any bucks) for “constitutional lawyers” or “lawyers who like to build sand castles and whistle jazzy tunes.” And then, Miss Lindsay told me about this article on Slate that essentially says what all us ladies know: making babies make us poor. Or, alternatively, women with higher education degrees lose out on 10% of their earning potential over the course of their lives for every year earlier they have a kid. Gosh, that sentence made negative sense. Read the article, I clearly can’t explain it better than the people who get paid the big bucks to write for Slate.

Then I read Fuego’s bloggie and realized that I’ve posted essentially NEGATIVE salacious details of my jaunts around NYC since, you know, forever. You wanna know why? Because I am B-O-R-I-N-G. I simply think back to any day in undergrad and I pine with envy over my Old Self and her semblance of a life. This isn’t self-pity talking – it’s just the truth, and one I’ve come to accept. But, really, I talk to friends from Rochester and Chicago and realize that I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. Everyone else has some sexy-time jaunts they’re willing to spread details about. But, alas, the most I’ve found to talk about is the fact that my library crush of late (Buzz Lightyear) laughs to himself when he reads online articles.

Edge-of-your-seat-drama-rama, huh?

BUT OTHER THAN SELF-IMPOSED ENNUI, I’m pleased to note that I’m doing well. Classes are wrapping up with a minimum of freak-outs and I am most excited to be done with this semester. Meghan is having a fabuloso Christmakanananana (I don’t know how to spell it because I don’t watch the OC) soon, which I am looking forward to with Much Anticipation. And did I mention that in thirty-six hours I will be done with the Red Devil Herself A.K.A. PROPERTY!?!?!? Oh, it’s true – and there will be MUCH merriment post-exam.

I was going to go on some diatribe about Christmas, Jon Stewart (swoon) and Bill O’Rielly (pukeface), but equitable servitudes are calling.

I cannot resist their siren songs.