Bananas go to law school, too!


Tuesday Tuesday, Linksday Linksday

Procrastinating Con Law reading, will share bounty of links for you, friends.

TONIGHT! (for our East Coast readership) sign up to take the Jeopardy! online qualification exam. Midwest/West Coast are tomorrow and the next day. Even if you don't make it, it might be FUN to dream of ways to insult Trebeck with quips about his mother.

Hey Rochester kids who I know read this [religiously] The freshmen are getting restless!! And making videos to document aformentioned restlessness.

Move over John Krasinski, I want to marry YOU Ditty Man!

Don't worry, law school friends, I have videos for you too! (Two! For twice the fun! But mainly because both, individually, are kind of lame. But together, the amass one non-lame video. Like the UR one!)

John Kerry wants a lot of things. I like how his assistant refers to him as "JK." It's like how Mary-Kate Olsen's friends' call her "MK." Except JK is WAY more presidential.

And, becuase it would be crazy not to end this on a political note, Why You Should Be Pro-Choice!