Bananas go to law school, too!


Imagine that!

So I decided, you know, maybe I should POST IN THE BLOG. At least something besides (a) I hate work. Which I really do. New definition of "hate." I do risk management for a hospital. This means that I have no clients - at least in the sense of "this person is coming for my help." Instead, the whole goal is the PREVENTION of acquiring clients. So I create forms no one wants to fill out, organize meetings no one wants to attend and generally make people do things they don't want to do. I've become a MICRO-MANAGER. It's horrible, and I hate myself.

At least there's the restaurant, right?

It's better in a lot of ways. I work with fun people and I get to talk and banter and drink on the job, every now and then. All good things. And I walk out with a delicious wad of cash. Even better. Of course, there are people who come in who make Other People Who Won't Be Mentioned for Fear of Being Fired From My Unpaid Internship seem same and delightful. But such is life, there will be stories forthcoming, no doubt.

Right now, I'm just hating on the restaurant because I. Never. Leave. And it's only been four days and I feel that way. I was there Friday night, then had to be right back at there at 5am Saturday morning. And then I got to go home for three hours and then work until 10pm. Lame. Too much food-serving. The one good thing is, of course, that the more food I serve, the closer I become to getting a non-grapefruited laptop. A GOOD THING INDEED.

I do have other things to say, outside of me complaining about work. Because I bet that can only turn out two ways. I maintain my vaguenes and it's just becomes boring and annoying. Or I finally tell you the truth and then I lose my job. Both are outcomes that are "not good" so I'll spare you.

I read the book Pledged about how sororities are evil and ruin lives. Or something to that effect. I'll have a more nuanced review of it in the upcoming days. And there are other things to talk about, too - so don't worry, there will soon be "content" in this blog. In DUE TIME.