Bananas go to law school, too!


Why Doesn't Anyone Name Their Children Damien Anymore?

My little brother came home from school today wearing all white. It was June 6, 2006 - or 6.6.[0]6 as all the expectant mothers who induced over the last few days know. The Day of the El Diablo and all sorts of other things. So Binky Barnes [nickname for the little guy, because although I've resigned myself to perhaps losing my job because of the blog, my little bro needn't ruin his jr. high career just yet] - Barnes comes home wearing all white and a crucifix. Apparently, he knew there was going to be trouble today because he hit SO MANY foul balls during baseball - and he usually doesn't do that.

Also, some of the other 5th graders wore RED and BLACK (egads!) in order to be "bad-ass," I suppose. Barnes asked them all "Why do you even try to tempt fate?" He's so serious about so many things.

Apparently, during "clean out your desk day" at school - some of the other kids (who were obviously the ones wearing red and black) got their fingers SHASHED in the DESKS. And "a lot fo kids were really clumsy."

I wanted to go into the whole statistical concept that the only reason you feel like people are more clumsy is simply because you were looking out for it --- I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but elementary students are, as a general rule, clumsy little rugrats. But I decided to keep mum lest he lose the fear of God TOO early.

Either way, he was being cute. And I gues I'm glad that I'm not working at the restaurant tonight - last summer's "exorcism" - complete with priest - was a little much for me - and I can only imagine the antics that are happening on today's most un-holy day.

As an aside, if I HAD to give birth to a child today, you better believe his name would be "Christian Mark Luke John Matthew Jesus Gabriel Joesph Banana" or, if a girl "Mary Margaret Magdalene Faith Chastity Hope Grace Banana." Suckers on the playground, but NOT possessed by the devil.