Bananas go to law school, too!


The DMV in Chicago smells like feet and cabbage

So Anna "Why Do I Need A License Because OTHER People Can Drive ME and Isn't That Just Better?" Banana will be getting her DRIVER'S PERMIT tomorrow morning, bright and early. I'm printing out the "Rules of the Road" so I can be sure to pass. It's my second time through (and yes, I did pass it, six years ago) so hopefully my old, haggard brain WON'T BAIL ON ME NOW!!!

Questions you should not ask me:
"Why haven't you gotten your license yet, dumbass?"
"Hey, dumbass, why haven't you gotten your license?"

"You don't know how to DRIVE?!?!?"

To answer question number tres (spanish for "three") --- I DO know how to drive. In theory. And I beat Alex on some racing game a few weeks ago AND I think I was sorority champion junior year in Mario Kart SO GIVE ME MY DAMN LICENSE ALREADY!