Bananas go to law school, too!


Your finest rose`, please!

Oh my word, it is HOT here. Unbelievably hot. The kind of hot where I shoot angry daggar eyes at the token "Oh, we don't we sit on the patio? They have UMBRELLAS!" tables at the restaurant. This is because the woman is wear a low cut sundress that highlights her sun-spotted cleavage and I - I am wearing long black pants and a long sleeved collared shirt. And because my boss is "Penny wise but dollar foolish" (love that saying) and decided to start being especially frugal with the airconditiong inside. And the airconditioning in the kitchen/pizza oven room broke a week ago. But, no, functioning alcoholic lady, YOU sit outside in 99 degree heat. I will serve you with a smile.

So ever since the-thing-that-i-can't-talk-about happened, the kitchen has been rather short of staff. And the broken A/C doesn't really make for efficicent cooking. And, newsflash small, rotund child who orders a well-done steak while your parents order a cup of soup, well-done steak takes a bloody long time to cook! So, when your parents tire of your inane stories about Harry Potter and Ring Dings, and they are STILL waiting for your steak, they blame the situation on me. Somehow, even though the restaurant is packed, I found some time to take your son's steak, hold on to it, look at it admiringly and keep in the waitress zone just for kicks. And what KICKS they were. So don't tip me a shit tip becuase you order the longest-to-make thing on the menu and it takes a long time. I understand being hungry. I understand maybe being in a rush. But keep your pissy mood in MIND when you decide what to order.

That is all. Sorry about being a lame not-frequent blogger. It'll get better :)