Bananas go to law school, too!


Point & Click

I'm so excited. I'm buying a fancy pants digital camera. I figure with the amount of money that I spend on cheap disposable cameras and their subsequent developing costs; not to mention the pictures end up being crap, I might as well suck it up and get myself a digital. Woohoo! I'm buying this baby today:

The Canon PowerShot SD500. It's super teeny and comes much-loved from Miss Sara and Miss Jenni. PERFECT. And I can't wait. Maybe I'll actually take pictures of law school life because right now, if you judge by my photo albums, I NEVER WENT TO LAW SCHOOL.

Part of me wanted to splurge on a SLR and become a fabulous professional photographer. Of course,since I am poor and the main purpose of my camera will be sweet drunk photos, a SLR isn't quite "what I need" right now. Maybe later, when I actually have a paycheck, I can be cool like that :)