Bananas go to law school, too!


oh my.

People. This needs to stop. My cat is disgusting.

I hear some squealing outside after work today and not 10 minutes later, my cat comes onto the porch with an entire rabbit. Rabbit, puffy tail. Rabbit, jumpy legs. Rabbit, dead.

And then my Evil Cat feasts on its innards. And outards. And then tires of the charade and leaves to the dark of the night. Leaving a bloody carcas for someone to clean up. Because Gah! I am a cat and cannot be bothered to a) finish a meal or b) clean up after myself.

And already long and rough day made WORSE. Part of me wants to use my fancypants camera and take a picture of it because THAT IS WHAT YOU CAME HERE FOR. Alright, since you ASKED...

On the left, death-rabbit draped with leaf from garden. How poetic, death cat.
On the right, my cat. Bored with death.