Bananas go to law school, too!


I just got back to the library after making delish "onion surprise" - which has sucessfully allowed our apartment to smell like (a) Poland and (b) happiness.

It is rainy and cold outside, which, for some, may make the romance of NYC dimish a bit - but, no offense to Rochester folk - but there is something undeniably horrific about 323 cloudy days of precipitation that Rochester provides its residents September-May, that a little rain down here just can't compete with. And my window looks really cool (cause it's so high) when it gets littered with raindrops. It's like bizarro-skyline, and that's neat. :)

This whole three-day weekend is going to be devoted to fabulous studying. Because the next two weekends are going to be devoted to fabulous fun with fabulous people. :) :)