Bananas go to law school, too!


oh my word, school is wearing me out. i've been getting called on in all my classes, multiple times and I WANT IT TO STOP. unfortunately (read: fortunately) none of my professors read my blog, but seriously, no one in my section wants to hear my voice and incoherent mumblings. Today I got called on in prop and started blabbing on about the court being "vindictive" and petty all the while wondering if I was even talking about the right case. The entire time, my brain was on orange alert; ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION. And then the professor (I was talking about the right case, after all) was all like "So, you mean this" and proceeded to "sum up" my argument, which clearly had no relationship to my original blabbering. To which I responded, "YES." The man was throwing me a bone, thank goodness. BUT IT WOULD BE EASIER IF NO ONE ASKED MY OPINION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So laundry in our building is free. Which should be stellar. But I just tried to do laundry (because today is my last day of wearing bathing suit bottoms, and I don't know what the next step would be. welcome mat! welcome mat! welcome mat!) and since it's free, no one really bothers to (a) wash more than a pair of running shorts and a shoelace at a time and (b) actually physically move their clothes from the washing machine/dryer/counter/floor. So, in sum, I lugged my clothes all the way around the building for no good reason. Except to laugh at the 4 million signs all like "I lost a brown sock. If you accidentally picked it up, please return to 12B."
NO REALLY I'M NOT LYING. Actual sign. Actual wasted paper and ink for a brown sock. And you know this f*cktard (I know some people read this at work, and I don't want to "tag" you with my filthy, filthy mouth) washed his two brown socks and a bra alone, in a washing machine and left it there for two days. And this probably stems from my wierd psychosis about the cleanliness of things touching your body, but would you really want to wear a sock after it danced around in some stranger's sock drawer, mixing with his other socks and underwear? I say NO. Go to the gap and buy another pair of brown socks.