Bananas go to law school, too!


As this week marks the lovely holiday season I thought that I would give you, dear readers, a little something. As it is the season of giving. I give you a Gift Idea. We all know a friend who has a dog. And what do you give to bestow holiday cheer for your friend and her canine companion?

Humunga Tongue

I kid you not, actual product (courtesy of AirMall, United Airlines). The best part, I think is the explanation behind the name. And the very last line is classic. Observe:
Imagine the fun you'll have at the park when you and your favorite pooch play with Humunga Tongue (named after humongous which is slang for very large). [emphasis added] Made of non-toxic natural rubber, it's actually a ball with a long fake tongue attached. Just throw it; when your dog retrieves Humunga Tongue, giggles are sure to follow. Measures 8" long.
:) order now, supplies are limited.