Bananas go to law school, too!


Oh, you want ridiculous "drunk law students stories."

I was it.

And, therefore, you will not be hearing any details. Because I can make biting comments re: others, but I am not fair game for myself. Wierd how that works out.

How will I make it to class in six hours? I JUST DON'T KNOW.

But am I excited to wear sweatpants to Torts tomorrow? Oh heck yes.

Literally speaking, I am going to CHICAGOOOO today. This is a thing Most Good.

Oh, we handed in our Long Memo (of doom) today. The most remarkable point of which is that our TA cut his har into a short buzz cut. Before, it had been an "interesting" side part long hair "coif." Therefore, he looked much better than usual. Upon entering Contracts, I remarked to my friends (who, as of this writing have thrown me into a cab two times more than should be socially acceptable) "hehe, i guess he got the memo!" re: the fact that we had all mentioned that he would be a far better-looking person if not for the unfortunate situation of his side part. But now that is fixed. AND DID ANYONE ELSE GET THE VERY CLEVER PUN?!? I really am a comedic genius, I'm not gonna lie.

I wonder if having my laptop on my lap will prevent me from having babies when babies become things that I want. I hope I never have to look back on tonight, blame the laptop of all things, and shake an angry fist.