Bananas go to law school, too!


oh, trytophan coma starts now.

Thanksgiving has been most lovely - warm and delicious.
Last night I went to Jill's new place in Logan Square in the city. We hung out with a whole bunch of people who I think I can officially call "hipsters," however outdated that term might be. Why "officially"? Well, we played a rousing game of Think While You Drink (which I just learned on Monday night) - a catergory of choice: Post Modern Authors.
Sweet sassy molassy.
But it was great fun, all around. Gotta say, though, the L ride home at 9 this morning, still drunk, was one of those POKE ME IN THE EYE WITH A TURKEY LEG experiences. But of course, it was worth it :)

And today, in another chapter of Ridiculous Feats of Consumption:
Instant Backyard Fun Starts With Our Snow Castle!

A real snow castle would take hours to build and require lots of snow. But we designed our exclusive heavy-duty vinyl Snow Castle to set up almost anywhere in just minutes with the included electric pump. Much more than just a snow fort, our castle encourages children to use their imaginations while having fun for hours on end. Four flags included.

Would you really pay 130 dollars to let your lazy children play in a fake blow-up snow castle? But it encourages imagination. I AM VINELOR THE COLD AND YOU HAVE ENTERED MY VINYL CASTLE OF DOOM AND DESTRUCTION.