Bananas go to law school, too!


have been at the library for far too long (the night is young!) and the man who has been, for nine hours, been making low, gutteral, phlem-filled, coughing noises is finally packing up his satchel. Now, at the library, I'm usually equipped with headphones which make the occasional sniff/cough/achoo! bearable. HOWEVER, this gentleman (really, he’s partially balding and is wearing a very nice scarf) has a phlem-cough that can be heard through even the strongest of ear buds blasting eighties power ballads.

This lovely school is giving the law students free coffee/bagels/muffins etc throughout finals period. This is a thing Most Good as my coffee maker is, I think, in the last throws of its life, leaking a good amount of water with every brew. Makes for stronger coffee, yes, but it also makes a bit of a mess. A mess I’d rather not contend with. And I am running painfully low on coffee that I only recently hid in my carry-on on the way home from Thanksgiving (because home coffee = free coffee).

Every single chair/study carrel is taken in the library. Maybe the main room has one or two open chairs amongst the big tables, but the surrounding neighbors have encroached on that “study zone” as to make it unusable. It’s funny, really, because in the beginning of the semester I always wondered WHERE ARE ALL THE LAW STUDENTS? Because after about 7 or 8, it would be me and maybe three other people in the library. But now I am warm and cozy, rubbing elbows with bunches, which is reassuring in many respects.

In two weeks it will be Christmas! Unfortunately, I will be going home in two weeks minus one day so I will miss out on bunches of Christmas cheer. Part of me wants to move to Starbucks so I can study, basking in the soft glow of a corporate Christmas theme, but goodness knows that I will be more distracted there than I am here. At least here, when I people watch, everyone’s face is pretty much the same pale, hoodie-masking-the-stench-of-dread, type of look. If I go to Starbucks I might glance of a face that is happy. And, since it’s been scientifically proven that I am overly distracted by shiny objects, I might as well be playing with a ball of yarn in the corner.