Bananas go to law school, too!


So I sucked it up and bought a luna bar from the supermarket down the street because I realized that the only thing worse than failing my property exam on Wednesday would be coming down with a case of rickets half way through the exam because, apparently, my diet of coffee, popcorn and the occasional bag of sun chips from yee olde vending machine does not provide enough vitamin D. And WE ALL KNOW that a deficiency in vitamin D is the leading cause of rickets.

I just spent the last twenty minutes, you know, saving Rachel’s life. Or at least the little part of her that would die if she had to pull an all-nighter for a class as lame as Politics in Canada. SOMEONE had four years of past exams, outlines and anna-wrote-them-herself-so-they-must-be-good sample answers for those questions. Sneaky Rochester webmail claimed that it cancelled all of our email addresses – they may have cleaned out the inbox BUT NOT THE OUTBOX. So, because I had forwarded out said documents to my peers, I had all the files in my outbox. Stored safely, for one Miss Rachel. She said she would name her first-born child Banana Pants. I hope it pans out.

Of course, looking through my outbox from One Year Ago I also found my old resume. Which I had thought I had lost FOREVER (between losing my lap top hard drive and my old computer not “turning on”) and would have to start making a new resume, something I wasn’t looking forward to AT ALL. And, like most things that I don’t look forward to, I just “didn’t do it.” But, thanks to my one Good Deed, I received as well! And now I have no good excuse for not having sent out resumes and applications by now. One more thing on the to-do list!