Bananas go to law school, too!



PEOPLE! There is great news to behold! I will be returning to my favorite place on earth - LAW SCHOOL - in less than three weeks! I am honestly (not sarcastically bloggie) ridiculously excited. Why, you ask? Well, allow me to prepare my list. Because lists are lovely.

Why I Loves Me My Law School
1. Sigh, nyc. sigh. sigh. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and want! to! do! something! Here, in stinksville illinois, there is nothing to do after 10PM. Literally, city ordinance, can't keep things open after 10. Guess what time I get off work every night? That's right, 10PM. BUT NOT IN NYC. What to do at 2am after the library closes? Bar! Restaurant! DAVID BLAINE! See, choices.

2. I love learning. Really. I wish I could just be an eternal student and read and write instead "working." And I'm actually thrilled about my fall classes - Evidence! Corporations! International Law! Constitutional Land Use! Less so excited about "Fundamental Lawyering Skills" because that has a solid chance of being lame. But the other four, seriously, will be sweet.

3. I miss my friends & people.

4. On the same token, I am but a five hour bus ride to Boston. And DC. Which increases "favorite people" quotient by 300. Here, I am a bus ride away from [jazz hands] South Bend and [jazz hands] Millwaukee. They are the puka shells of the jewelry world. And NYC, you are my diamond.

5. August promises to be a great month. Yes, there will be majorly stressful interviews and such. However, the homework level will be hovering around 0 which means that there will be plenty of opportunities of good fun to be had. That means booze! Worth the 5 dollar surcharge for a beer to be in Manhattan.

Super soon, can't wait :)