Bananas go to law school, too!


And you thought I was done...

Long story short, I had the most lovely and productive Easter weekend. Almost done outlining Civil Procedure --- just going to do a run through the ol' Emmanuels to see if things are a little more efficiently explained for checklist purposes. Because even though I love Mr. Glannon, he tends to be a bit verbose. And then it's just revising the darn thing. And remembering about the other three classes that I am taking this semester. But considering that a week ago I knew NOTHING, I am in good spirits.

Furthering my good spirits was the fact that the weekend was a great jump start to the next month - got to do a bunch of cooking (I made mushroom appetizers, cheesecake and some wierd strawberry mousse parfaits that I through vodka on because I JUST NEEDED TO MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING!). The weather was awesome, my mom bought an ipod shuffle for me (so awesome, should be coming in the next few days!) and I just was so productive! Did I mention I was productive?

The only thing that my parents could keep repeating were just how the next month and a half are the MOST IMPORTANT MONTH AND A HALF OF YOUR LIFE. Which might be true, what with 24 credits-worth of finals, law review writing competition, Mother's Day. Pretty big deal. But knowing that it's only 6 weeks is keeping the antsy pants at bay and I can keep chugging along.

I know what you're saying. TWO BORING LAW SCHOOL POSTS IN A ROW!? I want my fake monopoly banana money back. FINE. A little photo-essay, focusing on the classy models I get to stare at in the air, courtesy of SkyMall....

How do I keep so beautiful? With my handy air supply, that's how! This is some nice air.

You know what, I'm attractive too! Maybe I could use a little rouge, but I'm a important businesswoman! I don't have time for that! And how do I stay so attractive, why, with this
Komfort Kollar, that's how!
So comfortable! Ahhh! Nice!

I, on the other hand am not attractive. In fact, I look like a bloated Tim Russert. A Tim Russert with frosted tips. That's what they call "less than attractive." I am also a pervert who figured out a way to not have to wear pants on the damn airplane. So I created a sweatshirt sack for my body. Always thinking! About how to grope that pretty young flight attendant with my hand down my sack.
Yea, that's nice. This sack is real nice.

I am le tired! I came from a crazy bender in Key West, judging from my fancy shirt, where I drove the young girls wild with my fashionable 'stache.
However, even the 'stache can't hide the fact that I look like an idiot. Not to mention the advertising exec who realized, after his OWN crazy bender in Key West that he needed a picture for the newest issue of SkyMall for this product and HE HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN BETWEEN THE MOJITOS AND CORONAS. Idiot! So, instead of losing his job (from the very prestigious company SkyMall truly is) he just snapped a picture of the goon next door who was so tired that putting his face on a large, inflatable lap pillow was more comfortable than living without dignity.