Bananas go to law school, too!



In my slow descent into madness, I emailed the pickle company (Vlasic!) and complained about a jar of pickles I purchased over the weekend. I was all set to have a delicious pickle this morning (breakfast of phallic champions!) and was looking forward to the tell-tale Vlasic CRUNCH. Instead, I was met with a limp "mlech" because the pickle was icky and soft. What a horrible way to start the day!! So I did what anyone would do, I sent a strongly worded letter to the Vlasic Pickle Company to inform them of my disappointment and hatred for their fair cucumbers. And what was I greeting with upon returning from Contracts??? That’s right -an apology email and a word of a free pickle coupon to arrive in my mailbox in no more that 14 days!! Mon success!!! Kudos, Vlasic pickles, for knowing the true meaning of customer service. Too bad I can't say the same for Debbie over at McDonalds.