Bananas go to law school, too!



I know -- ANOTHER angry curmudgeony complaint letter. But this time, it was more than just not having a Shamrock Shake. It was more than a limp pickle. It was DIRT on my frozen strawberries!! That's just gross. So I sent an angry letter to Dole that reads as follows:

I had eaten some stawberries after heating them from the microwave. After about 5, I ate one that looked darker than the rest of them, thinking that it was simply a natural color discrepency. In fact, after chewing it, I realized it was no such discrepency but in fact DIRT. The taste and sandiness made me sure of it. It made me sick to my stomach to think that I had consumed a mouthful of dirt especially after I paid extra for the name brand and trust I had in Dole. Very dissapointed!

I blame all my hyper-sensitive product complainy on Torts and us focusing on product liability right now. But SERIOUSLY, dirt on my strawberries!! So gross. So gross! I had damn well better get some free stawberries out of this deal, for me to enjoy with my free pickles. Until then, though, I am boycotting all Dole products. Which, obviously, is like nothing because I don't drink pineapple juice or eat bananas. But still! Boycott!