Bananas go to law school, too!


Just Knock It Off, Consumer Culture.

So, big surprise, I like to read the SkyMall catalogue whenever I take a trip. And, as I DID awaken in the Windy City this morning, I did some traveling yesterday. And SkyMall FAILED to disappoint!

As a lifeguard at a country club for three years, I guarantee some kid name Connor or Olivia would have carried this in. And we would tell them that remote-controlled sharks were against the rules. And then they would cry to their mom, who was enjoying her 11am glass of white zin on the patio. And then she would come over to the lifeguard stand and tell us to mind our own business and IF AIDLLYN WANTS A SHARK IN THE POOL SHE WILL GET A GOSH DARN SHARK. And then the kid would take a dump in the pool. Becuase that's what happens.
Buy Me! I am a shark! I have a propeller for a tail!

I like to lie in bed! I like to sit in bed too, but sometimes that is too hard!

AWESOME! PERFECT! Now I will never leave!
Oh, STAIN RESISTENT SUEDE?!? Luxury and convinience! Where is my glass of white zin?

Look at me! I am a small and stupid child! WHY IS THERE AN IMAGINARY FORCEFIELD NOT LETTING ME INTO THE HOUSE!! Even with my jaunty baseball mit!?!? Let me in! Let me in!
Must. Push. Harder. Mommy! Put down your chalace of white zin and LET ME IN!