Bananas go to law school, too!


Le Weekend!

So I'm spending Easter weeked in Chicago visiting the fam here. But really, too, to get a break from the Nueva York and approaching doom of finals. I've been far more productive here than I have been back in New York; outlining and, really, learning Civil Procedure. And it's going remarkably well, in fact. REMARKABLE. I was all set to just wash my hands of the subject and hope that I could spew some junk about Rule 12b6 and call it a day when the final was coming. BUT NO SUCH FEARS! Thanks to a certain Joseph Glannon, I've been teaching myself all about the Civ Pro. I've gone through Examples and Explanations over the past two days and will soon be starting on his "Glannon's Guide to Civil Procedure." Then after that, it's just a few practice tests and that one class should have the large brunt completed in terms of preparations.

Of course, that's to say nothing of Contracts, Torts and Con Law. But I'll take what I can get and it's still over three weeks until any of those finals start rearing their ugly heads, so it's should be okay. And, with the exception of Con Law, I'm in a pretty solid "understanding zone," so it isn't quite the uphill battle as CivPro.

Home is great for studying because I can read outside on the patio, everything is bright and clean and there is plenty of coffee for the drinking (free!). Also, twinnie has an ipod shuffle I've swiped for the weekend and he has remarkably good taste in music. So I've been rocking out to great tunes from BOTH earphones! (I've had to McGuyver my laptop's headphone jack with a highlighter and a rubber band because otherwise the sound just comes out of one ear. And that gives me an annoying one-sided headache).

Anyway, enough boring study update. Back to almost-interesting civ pro studying!