Bananas go to law school, too!


Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow I start my first day of work at my new "legal" job. No quotes necessary, really - it's just more fun that way. I still have to iron all my things and get "ready." But, unfortunately, GrapefruitGate 2006 means that I might not have anything to do tomorrow. I "need" a laptop. And up until recently, I "had" a laptop. My boss said that it would still be possible to do Good Work without a laptop, but not so much possible to do Great! and Amazing! work. So, I might push up my 6 week program a week so I only have to do Good Work for a week or so before I finally am able to finance a magical laptop.

So, I'm working for a hospital. Apparently, my Big Job is to re-write an informed consent form this summer. I HOPE HOPE there will be more to do becuase, even
sans laptop, that would be pretty lame-o.

In an effort not to lose this job on account of Ridiculous Blog (as opposed to Ridiculous Attitude or Not Showing Up) - I might not be able to recount all the HILARIOUS things that will happen to me this summer.


I am also a waitress. And I think that I might be able to sneak some clever stories. And, really, unlike talking about the two other people I work with at the hosptial legal department - the restaurant have a CONSTANT INFLUX of crazy people. And with them, their stories. So get excited.

I start on Saturday. At 5AM. Oh dear God, save me - that will be rough. My first waitressing day in eight months will be start earlier than I've gotten up since swim team practice in high school. I would worry that I would accidentally spill a bowl of hot soup on a bald man's head (like I "almost" did last summer) - but breakfast food is decidedly un-spillable - unless someone orders porridge. In which case THEY ARE GETTING THEY'RE OWN DAMN PORRIDGE.

Early to bed, early to rise.