Bananas go to law school, too!


I'm kind of a big deal...

Chalk it up to finals-induced self-doubt, but I'm THRILLED with my newly realized geniousity [if I want that to be a word, I can make it a word, because I'M JUST THAT SMART]. No, this has nothing to do with law school (because, obviously, the opposite conclusion would probably be the outcome). But something EVEN BETTER.

I got called back for the second round of Jeopardy qualification examing for NYC. I don't know how many people they invite back, but I like to think it's just me, the smartest person in Metro New York, and they're just double checking to make sure I don't have a large and unsightly goiter. Which would be awkward and Trebeck would TOTALLY flip out. Because the only people who are allowed to have unseemly growths on their face is Trebeck himself.

But yeah, I get to take another exam the Friday after finals are over. Thank goodness, because if it were before finals then I would have a horrible internal dilemma about whether to study con law or "Colors that End in 'urple." Obvi, 'urple would win.

Must stop basking in my own [ridiculously smart] sunshine and get back to studying. But, really, if I get called on in Civ Pro tomorrow, after I make a fool out of myself (like I am known to do) I'll just say "Suck it, [professor's last name]" Because as Greg told me tonight, I gots to practice!