Bananas go to law school, too!


Rain, Rain

Thursday's near-80 degree temps have been washed away by the rain all weekend. That, and the IMPENDING DOOM OF FINALS. Friday night the Ghost Writer Gang all headed up to Dive 75 for what now I think can be interpreted as the final bruhaha before finals are over in celebration of Mark's belated birthday. And general need to get drunk. Mark taught me how to play Othello which, according to him has the tagline "Seconds to learn, lifetime to master" which I promptly changed "Minutes to learn, an hour to master." But that's totally understandable, because I AM a Jeopardy genius after all.

Alex & I went to McDonald's on our way back so I could pee and while we were there a 65 year old lady slash club promoter gave us REUSABLE BAIRD JONES NIGHTCLUB PASSES. I have no idea where this magical club is, who the heck Baird Jones is, but I know one thing - only cool kids get invited to clubs by the elderly.

The lady also was going on and on about Rosa Parks and how the State Of Mississippi gave her a post-mortum pardon. To which I responded with some 5 minute long diatrabe about how Plessy (from Plessy v Ferguson fame) was only 1/18 black and HOW COULD THE TRAIN CONDUCTOR HAVE KNOWN THAT and the only reason it was even brought to the Supreme Court was because of over-litigous lawyers. Um, I might be the coolest Constitution Team National Champion the world has ever seen. REALLY.

In other news, tomorrow begins the last week of my 1L year. And then begins something called "finals." Enough blogging, back to a little thing we like to call CivPro!!!