Bananas go to law school, too!


We're Moving On UP!

I'm rocking out to Ipod tunes because FedEx finally decided to drop it off, even though it's been chilling in Brooklyn since last Thursday. But whatever, 'cause it's 1/100th the size of my LAST ipod (read: my laptop). And we all know what happened after a semester of crazy jaunts with my laptop in my bag, rocking out to jazzy tunes on my large and unwieldy ipod.

In other news, I'm moving on to the perilous world of Torts. Not because CivPro is "in the bag" but because I can't look at any more of it for the time being. Final is in nine days, hopefully I'll get back into the mood once the final is actually here.

And, another reason to give up on Civ Pro for now? For whatever reason, I'm the number one google result for "Rule 12b6." Which is cool for like .2 seconds and then I remember that means I'm a nerd. A nerd of the LAW.