Bananas go to law school, too!


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My newest article is posted up at Check it out!!

In other news, chuggin' away at finals for first semester of 2L year. Trademarks, Corporations & Evidence finals & a Constitutional Land Use paper that needs to write itself over the next two weeks. It can be done, right?


Uhhh, at least they update their blog here...

So, I guess the second year of law school is "less interesting" than the first. And, for that reason, I haven't been updating. I like to blame this on the fact that I have spent FAR TOO MUCH TIME in law firm offices and, therefore, sucking my delicious delicious creativity RIGHT OUT of me. Such is life, no? Perhaps next semester, when I do NOT have to be in a law firm multiple times a week, I'll have something to say. But, until then, I command you to visit I sometimes write there, but beyond just getting more of ME, you should go there becuase I like to this it's pretty entertaining. It's a weekly bloggie. You will like, yes yes. Until then, happy holidays :)


Mmmhm, gamey.

I just got back from Trader Joe's in Union Square. Swoon. New foodstuffs. I spent 40 bucks and got three bottles of vitamins, three bottles of spices, pumpkin, bag of frozen broccoli rabe, chicken stock, granola, yogurt, frozen fajita mix with chicken, bag o' wild rice, AND SO MUCH MORE. Including a box of frozen buffalo burgers. Why buffalo burgers, banana, when turkey burgers would suffice? WELL DID YOU KNOW THAT buffalo burgers are higher in protein, lower in fat, and promote the humming of "Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope playyy." At least for me. Which, obviously makes little to no sense because where in that song does in mention buffalo? But, deer, antelope - let's be serious, of all the delicious game meats, buffalo is much more closely linked to those (and therefore that song makes more sense) than, say, the macarena or all come all ye faithful.

I'm just saying.

I can't go to Whole Foods without dropping 50 bucks and getting pretty much a thing of sushi and a bottle of pomegranate juice.

Why is pomegranate juice so expensive? Everyone and their mother (including Oprah, hero) says it's going to save your life, yet it still costs 5 bucks for a medium-sized bottle. Ridiculous. Pomegranate for the People, man.

You want to be jealous of me? (Yes you do). Since September 29th up until today, I have been in class for exactly 2 days. That's it. Two days of school. Have I skipped any classes? Nope! For some reason, the past few weeks have been a festival of canceled-classes-by-way-of-professor-airport-troubles, high holidays and celebrations of Columbo. Or Columbus. But, seriously, Columbo should have his own holiday, that crazy cat.


From the Dead!

Back, people. A little respite for the weary, perhaps. Or just being lazy and half-afraid. But now that the ole' job search is over, I'm back (from outer space, I just walked in to find that look up on your face. I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you give the key...whoa, sorry). I'll write more of substance IN DUE TIME (for all negative two of you still out there), but, in the meantime, entertain yourself immensely and go see The Departed. By far, hands down, one of the best movies I've seen in my short little lifetime. Sigh. SO GOOD. I'm still thinking about it and trying to tell everyone I know to run out and see it.

So there. Run out and see it :)



In terms of "bad timing," spraining your ankle the day before a four-day strech of three callbacks is high on the list. I don't think I've ever sprained my ankle this badly before - my ankle was the size of a lemon on Friday (now it just looks like I have a bad club foot). And I almost fainted on the way to my bedroom Friday afternoon because it hurt so bad, but realizing that a sprained ankles AND a concussion would be even worse form for the ole "job search," I just curled up in the fetal position in the living room.

But now, at a nice clip of 24 advil a day, I can walk! But I can't wear heels, which means I'm going to be sporting fancy flats for most of these interviews, and I just can't get over how much less professional I look wearing them. But I'll get over it, obviously. Unless it's actually broken and then I WILL NEVER WALK AGAIN!



I was all set to write about the new Law & Order CI tonight that I am claiming was ripped-from-the-headlines from the Chris Porco story, but I don't really know how to write about it without being offensive or otherwise "in bad taste." So there, my statement, my claim, boom. Game set match.

Anyway, wierd couple of weeks that I'm glad are over -- back into the swing of things here at the ol' law school. I kinda hate two of my classes. One of them I won't mention by name (you know, you know, me trying to be all anonymous). [upon further review. i won't rip off the Simpsons with a lame joke. I am minorly paranoid about ruining my life with this idiot blog] There we go. Nice & anonymous.

But yea, it's the most ridiculous class that I ever could imagine. Honestly. Sometimes I think to myself: "This can't be happening." But it is. And I'm there. For instance, our professor is going on vacation in a few weeks. So we need to hold a make up class. So WHEN DOES EVERYONE DECIDE TO HOLD IT?

Friday night. 6PM - 8PM. I'm no crazy party animal. But there are RULES OF LAW SCHOOL. And the first rule is: No Class on Friday for 2Ls and 3ls. I am taking six straight hours of class on Tuesdays simply to accomodate such a desire; nay, need [Also, I don't have Monday classed. Shh. Don't tell anyone]. Oh no, but they have OUTDONE THEMSELVES. What's worse than a generic Friday class? A Friday evening class. Seriously, shoot me.


I would be able to tolerate a Friday evening class if, in fact, it was mildly interesting. HOWEVER! It is not that the subject is "uninteresting." It is not that the professor is "bad," even. It is the fact that for the past three weeks we have literally read ONE case. One. Uno. Jeden. I can't handle it. And our assignment for next class: "Now, let's go back and really read the case. I'll be asking you lots of tough questions."

I'm not legal nerd (um. yes i am. constitution team unite!). But still, at this point in my illustrious legal education, I just want to be challanged a little bit. I don't need crazy professor with tons of hypos and random cold-calls. But, really, for the sake of my brain, I need to read more than one case a month.

Sigh. I have a huge, maddening, law crush on a certain Mr. Elliot Stabler (i.e. Christopher Meloni). Sigh. Swoon. SWOOOON.

In other news, Lindsay & Kara & I went to Astoria over the weekend (An Outer Borough! Shock! Awe!) and had a grand old time. We ended up at the Beer Garden out there after a housewarming party for someone we didn't know. But we brought beer, so we were welcome guests. The laws of social physics DO exist in the Outer Boroughs! Fact!


Diet Dr. Pepper; More like Diet Dr. AWESOME

First week of 2L - finito! It was a busy one, and one which was marked with less-than-reliable internet service, which will explain the lack of updates. However, week in review:

I lucked out with a four day weekend every week. No Monday or Friday classes. This could go one of two ways: 1) I spend my four days off holed up in the library, preparing for three intense days of classes where I am primed and on POINT or 2) I spend my four days off considering going to the library but instead realizing that sleeping in and watching The View is more fun.

Choice 2 would be easier but, considering that I made the perhaps-stupid decision to take Evidence & Corporations in the same semester, I can't let it happen. Which is why you find me here, in the library, on a Sunday. Three cheers for Banana.

I like Evidence, I like Trademarks, I'm hoping to like my Land Use class (hasn't really started yet) but I just can't get my mind around Corporations (yet). Which is why I am here, blogging instead of trying to organize my thoughts around Agency and Authority and other Things I Do Not Understand. In due time. Maybe it'll pull a CivPro and I'll fall madly in love with in two weeks before the final.

I had my first callback last week. Went well. Aaaaaand, that's about all I'm going to say about that because the last thing I need is this blog to bite me in the bum later. Although I did pull a very-cliched dropping-spaghetti-sauce-on-my-shirt at a firm cocktail thing. Because, seriously people, you can't give me free booze and expect food to go IN the mouth. However, clever placement of my oversized nametag made it seem as if NOTHING HAD HAPPENED! Cheers!

Other things:
I am very much looking forward to the week of the 18th -- season premiere of America's Next Top Model & Grey's Anatomy, season finale of Project Runway, Wine Night, a callback at a firm I'm mega-excited about, AND EVEN MORE THINGS THAT ARE GREAT AND AWESOME. So, until then, I might be mellow yellow --- but that week will rock :)