Bananas go to law school, too!


Usually I try to stay away from being too political on yee olde bloge, so I won't say anything about how RIDICULOUS this Alito character is and how I hope the Ds will actually do something about it. Serrrrrriously.

Yesterday marked the first (and last) day of MILKGATE 2005

As I'm brewing my delicious pot of coffee, I go to prep a pink tumbler (of doom, I like to say) with skim milk to make Folger's House Blend slightly, how do you say?, palatable. But - egads! - skim milk is alllll empty. In my head I think "I just bought a carton two weeks ago and only used a dash of it in my coffee right after I bought it" (I had been trying to get through my CoffeeMate before it went bad and, alas, this morning I lost the battle and had to through it out because it started smelling funky -- foreshadowing --). So, I use up a little more of the coffeemate and headed back to study zone (of doom, let’s be serious) and then proceed to ask Marie/a about the CASE OF THE MISSING MILK. I was trying to think of all sorts of scenarios that would make my missing milk make sense, all of which had something, strangely, to do with clowns, shoelaces and NOT MY FAULT.

Of course, as it turns out, it was my fault. Anna "I bought my milk two weeks ago and it is ALL GONE!" really bought her milk in september and it expired three weeks ago and this past-due expiration date was brought to Marie’s attention by something we like to refer to as a Stench To High Heaven and kindly threw it out. Of course, due to the fact that this weekend was brought to you by "This bottle of alcohol is a perfect alternative to dinner," I had no idea that (a) the fridge had a S.T.H.H. and (b) it was my fault.

So there ya go. Milk goes bad. Who knew?


The guy right in front of me at the library is desperate (read: disgusting) need of some chapstick. But, like a car crash, I can't look away and am left wondering whether his lips will actually flake entirely off.

I didn't write about it earlier because I just didn't believe it - but, yes, the White Sox won the World Series. Congrats to them, and to all their fans that didn't hop on the bandwagon. They did play amazing baseball this year, so I'm not one to actually say they don't deserve it. And, looking back, contrary to all hopes otherwise, the Cubs did not deserve to play in the playoffs.

But the Bears won today. And they are leading what every commentator has dubbed "the worst division in football." Well done, Chicago-teams-I-root-for, excell at your mediocrity.

I watched Secretary last night and it reaffirmed the following two claims:
1. Really amazing movie. Love love.
2. I don't know who I have a bigger crush on; Spader or Gyllenhall.


Song of the moment: Okkervil River - So Come Back, I am Waiting. Download it - it's clearly top-notch.

Last night went to happy hour with Emily, a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who now can now be referred to as "friend" for sake of saving space and being more, you know, true. We found a place that had 3.50 drinks/4.50 martinis/cosmos which is unreal for NYC and "not even remotely a deal" in cities like Rochester. It's crazy how a 3.50 drink is SUCH an amazing deal to me right now. For that reason alone, I hate cities.

Afterwards, aganist all instincts just to go to bed, I went out with two fellas from my section down in Murray Hill. We actually went to Joshua Tree which just reminded me SO MUCH of when fuego/lindsay/deb/& co came and visited (we went there first that weekend) so it was semi-bittersweet. We went to a bar afterwards whose-name-I-forgot and actually met some more folks in our section randomly - which just goes to show you how small this city can really be. Crazyface.

I know this is Halloween weekend and all, but I don't think that I'm going to be rocking any fabulous costume parties this year. I know, Partly-Cloudy-Chance-Of-Rain costume from last year would be disappointed. But, surprise surprise, doing well in law school trumps ironic costuming, even for holiday purposes.


Marie & I were going to go to faaaabulous NYC-area law school party tonight to, you know, maybe meet some people who we haven't met before. And, seeing as though we are like the SAME RIDICULOUSLY FRIENDLY peson when we are drunk, this was A Likely Thing. Unfortunately, we each had, and then promptly recovered from, mini-freak-out about how "law school is hard." But then hula (Marie) & gym (me) made us all much less stressed and in fabulous moods. But we still didn't go, becuase law school is, unfortunately, still hard.

The other day we had a career planning session which amounted to them telling us not to worry about jobs, really, until next semester and to focus on school. FOCUS ON SCHOOL. FOCUS ON SCHOOL. I think they tried to make us less stressed but I (a) wasn't even thinking about my job next summer and therefore was nervous that others were stressed enough to necessitate a meeting telling us not to stress out and (b) all the talk about focusing on school made me re-remember how important this year was (grade-wise) and how I need to get on the ball and cannot afford any fabulous weekends of mucho funo a 'la the last two weekends. Yragh!

Harriet Miers peaced out. Thank goodness for the country/respect of SCOTUS, but I kinda feel bad for her - essentially lampooned by the entire country. And! She! Seems! Like! A! Nice! Enough! Person!


Maybe I've been watching America's Next Top Model too much. And I apologize for being [unecessarily?] vague. BUT, sometimes I wish there would be a "confessional" where I could tape my thoughts/comments about "stuff" that is going on in my life. Namely, I would like a public record to show that I am not being duped or taken advantage of in "certain situations." But I'm picking my battles, and this one just isn't worth it.

Whew! Is that cryptic enough for you?


alright, fine. i'll tell the story of le weekend meliora

Penn Station
circa 230PM

I was supposed to get on the chinatown bus (that leaves from Penn Station) I read about online - it was supposed to leave every hour on the half hour, embarking on a 2 and a half hour trip to Philadelphia, where I was going to meet Jenni and some other girls from UR to drive up to Rochester around 530/6. So, I tried getting on the 230 bus, which would get me to Philly with time to spare. I'm wandering around Penn Station looking for the bus stop area and, news to me, Penn Station specializes in trains. So I kept looking and looking and I ask the man who sits in a booth entitled INFORMATION. But did he have ANY information AT ALL? Negatory.
"Miss, Penn Station is a train station."
"I know, but the company said that they leave from Penn Station - so if there would, hypothetically, be a bus somewhere picking people up,where would be the place it would, hypothetically, be?"
"Miss, Amtrack is not a bus."


So then I go to the Police area (because I do have a way with NYPD cops, let's be serious) and they direct me to the northwest corner without so much as a hesitation. I go to this corner and I see a whole bunch of busses, but, because I don't know how to "travel in an organized manner" I didn't know the "name" of the bus company that I was going to be taking. High five Tommy. So I call Twinnie and Rachie and they give me both the name of the company and the phone number of their office. Which I promptly call.
"No 230 No 330 Only 430"
"On the schedule online, though, you said that you had buses come every hour"
"No 230 No 330 Only 430"

Again, thank you asstard.

So, I do the only thing that would be proper in a situation like this. I sit cross-legged in the middle of Penn Station and cry.

I call Jenni, who actually answers her phone at work, whispering a whole slew of "I'm so sorrys" as I tell her that I can't go. She tries explaining that I can take the train to NJ and then to CT and then to Philly and make it in time, but at this point, I'm so comfortable wallowing in self-pity on the floor of Penn Station that I just bawl "But I'm too - too - too stoooooooooopid to read a train schedule."

So I call Rachie and bawl in the same fashion where she reminds me "Anna. You're in NYC. There HAS to be a train that goes straight to Rochester." And, as the man in INFORMATION informed me : PENN STATION IS A TRAIN STATION.

So I spend way too much money on a ticket to Rochester and then have massive freak-out number two on the floor of Penn Station about how I am, pretty much, dirt poor and can't afford a 60 dollar train ticket. Call Niki & Sara & Katie Q and they essentially try to talk me through the situation but again, I'm comfortable crying on the floor of Penn Station by this point and therefore am inconsoleable.

I finally get on train and sit next to a fabulous NYS Supreme Court judge, who gives me her card and I mildly offend her by calling her old.
"Oh, studying Torts? I remember taking Torts."
"Oh, way back when??"
[stupid stupid stupid]

After nine hours on a train, I finally make it to Rochester and the hotel where we are staying. We go to the frat quad, the bars and then the frat quad again. Where SOMEONE WHO WILL REMAIN UNMENTIONED [not me, though] made out with a scarecrow and came home circa 7am covered in leaves and mud. The non-scarecrowphilic group went home and ordered delish chinese food and I rolled around in and then proceeded to sleep with Baked Cheetos.

Sara, Niki & I went to the Alumni brunch - which Susan gets THREE SNAPS for bronze/pink/gold napkins, low-acid orange juice AND strawberries. Those were supposed to be mentioned in the fireside - if not, here's your recognition ;-).

Then we met up with Katie Q, Lindsay, Lindy and Corinne at Panera and then a few hours later met up with the rest of the DGs at the Distillery, where we heard all types of drama-ramas and drank beer.

That night, we had DG Alumni Flip Cup Tourney THREE at the very gracious hostesses of Carolyn, Liz & Dom where we may not have actually "played" "flip cup" - but it was still an all-around good time. We left and went to A-Street where Deb made out with a Pole (not a Polish person, who, went the story was retold, I thought was the meaning. AND DIDN'T UNDESTAND why it was so g*damn funny to make out with a Polish person). A whole bunch of us left and hung out at Mex for the rest of the night. There, after many margaritas, Jenni & I decided that our PUBLIC SERVICE TO THE WORLD would be to procreate with one another so as to make super-clones of our skin. Because it is the SOFTEST SKIN YOU WILL EVER TOUCH. (here, Sara & Niki will roll their eyes at me. And that is fine. But it is true). At some point Jenni sucked on my arm and I STILL HAVE A BRUISE and it looks like I made out with a blind man who, literally, didn't know my neck from my elbow.

After Mex, we went to the frat quad, where a whole bunch of DGs were hanging out. Then a STORY WHICH WILL REMAIN UNMENTIONED happened, which, really, will remain unmentioned. I hung out with Joanna for a while who I called Joann the entire night and here is my public apology for being an idiot about that. Kira, Katie Mac, and a bunch of people who I remember and love but won't list because I know I'll miss someone and then it'll be awkward when they call me out on it later (cough. cough. NKR :-*)

Late night stumbled back to our hotel where, as is socially acceptable, I went back to rolling around in Baked Cheetos.

We woke up all hungover face and left for our faraway homes. Sadface. Sara, Niki & Katie Q dropped me off at the Schendectady train station so I could take the train to NYC.



Long time no blog!

Well, all for good reason, of course -- had an awesome time in Rochester. Of course, the weather was horrible, and everything closes at 2, and I got like zero sleep --- But it was totally worth it.

I won't try, however, to even try to begin to explain/narrate the weekend - because I just can't tell long stories like that in anything remotely an entertaining way -- it'll turn into a "and then for breakfast I had toast" entry and NO ONE WANTS THAT.

But, must go to the library, you know, for the next three months, to catch up on work. :)


I was thinking earlier today "What ever happened to [boy from junior high] who I was madly in love with him precisely when he wasn’t in love with me - and he, in love with me, when I thought him too gangly of a character with whom to ever associate myself. So, I did what any girl with wireless internet access would do - I googled his name.

THE MAN IS A RAPPER. This sings rap songs [the syntax in that last sentence clearly exposes me as a tool, agreed]. This boy, who cried after falling out of a tree (which, upon typing, seems not that ridiculous - but it was a small tree, and he, as previously mentioned, a tall boy). Complete with side-part-held-in-place-with-loads-of-gel. Yes, I had a maddening crush on this one - but I myself was plagued with bad hair and a propensity to cry in awkward situations. (The second one, hopefully only the second one, still true).

A rapper which was referred as "the next Eminem" by a newspaper in Illinois. The next Eminem, from Action Ridge, Illinois. Seriously. He clearly had to overcome the rough streets, the ones where the local police will escort you home if you’re out past 10PM and under 16 and the only place open after 9 is the 24-hour Dominick’s (supermarket) perilously close to the bordering town (i.e. DANGER).

So then Twinnie, as any good brother would do, found me a picture of him on the internet. A picture which cast doubt on the cowlick and highwater khakis dorkiness that I found so endearing back in the 7th grade. And this is why, as I have learned far too many times this year, you should never google anyone.


KTMar says that it is

But there's always...



I really really really want Mel Weekend to happen. So, with every ounce of my being, I am going to be as focused during this week as possible so I can (a) go to Mel wknd and (b) not fail at school/life. Lofty goals, but I think I can achieve it!

Professor FF straight up called a kid stupid today in class. Like actually said "that was a stupid thing to say." and then proceeded to repeat the sentiment 4 more times. Of course, he has got to say this to one of the smartest kids in our section which made it more entertaining than anything else. But still -- calling a kid stupid? Now that takes balls.

AND PS: this weekend was a-maze-ing. Like so much fun that it made me positively sad when everyone left and, with them, took happiness. I'm wearing my nerd glasses today because my contacts don't work that well went you spend half the night crying - they get salty :). I clearly wasn't just upset because Lindsay & Fuego left, because that would be, as some would call it, "socially awkward" and prove that I suffer from "attachment issues." But, in case you haven't noticed, this blog isn't overly personal, so I won't start now. :) But, like most things that make me emotional, it lasted six hours and then I got over it, so all's well in le campe de anna, no woories. You know, if anyone out there actually cared :)


So Fuego, Lindsay & I had an awesome time at the bar. Then we all watched porn for two hours, uncomfortably, at some dude's house (who I thought was French for half the night, but turned out to be Jewish) And then we went to the 24 hour diner, because it somehow became 6am. BUT THEN THE BEST PART EVER::::::

We went to CVS. Fuego & I got two boxes of the most expensive condoms they had. We went to the front counter. Upon ringing everything up, I say " can you void the last two items?" And she's like " okay...." and I run off. I RETURN WITH CVS-BRAND SARAN WRAP AND A BAG OF RUBBER BANDS. So instead of 26.52, our purchase rings up as 5.24 cents. And then Fuego says " Two bucks would be your fair share" to me. At this point, Lindsay was outside the CVS, keeping company with a crazy lady. The CVS counter lady is straight laughing at us and we are doing OUR BEST at not cracking up! We fail miserably, but we exit with our makeshift condoms, girl scout style. BEST NIGHT EVER. FOR REALS.


Day 8 of rainy days in this here city. And it's getting OLD, folks. OLD. I have gone through my rainy day playlist a million times and my moon boots are only cool when you don't have a scowl on your face

.....In other news,
Lindsay & Fuego come tonight! I'm excited, it will be so nice to see some familiar faces. I'm going to try to get as much of my work as possible during the days so I don't get all "hating life." I'm two weeks ahead in Property reading and I don't have any Legal Writing work due until well after Mel weekend, so it may not be that bad, actually. I should start getting more on the ball with my outlining, though. I finished outlining SO WELL for battery - it took me like 4 hours, but I was methodical and now know the topic so well that I don't actually need to refer to the outline to know the info. Of course, at the tail end of looking through Gilberts, the authors made some snippy "You might be wondering why we are spending such a large chunk of the book on such a simple concept." comment. This made me feel like a moron, but a Moron Who Knows Her Battery Elements, dammit.


Oh man. Yesterday was quite the day. I made amaaaaazing curried squash soup with apples and cumin and cinnamon and all sorts of amazingness. It was quite nice and there's a bunch frozen in the fridge, perfect for weather like we're enjoying. It was so nice letting it simmer for a few hours - it filled our little apartment with a scent also known as "Autumn."

Last night, me and three girls from my section went to a loungie bar type place on the lower east side. Not to get into specifics, but I got more drunk than I should have but it was still a good time. I need to learn that NO you can never never go drink for drink with others. It will never, ever work. And then I got home, ran around in my underwear and proclaimed EVERYONE as my most favorite. Which, although logically questionable, is true :)

Newsflash: pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks are delicious.
Double newsflash: friendies come tomorrow! It's like pre-gaming Mel weekend. :)


achoo! is pretty much the story from my camp. but still, NYC made for a lovely, rainy, cloudy day which IN NO PART consisted of any library time. which, until contracts tomorrow, is a Good Thing.

I had to go to the east side of 5th avenue this morning for a meeting, and once it was done, a fleet of ferarris and antonin scalias (read: NYC Columbus Day Parade) blocked the way home. I walked around aimlessly literally for two hours, got some shopping done, bought pretty-smelling perfume, and felt decidedly non-tourist for like, the millionth time.

Pete & I went to a museum exhibit at the NY Historical Museum about slavery in NYC. It was an interesting spin, kinda trying to gloss over the whole "NYC had more slaves than any other city except Charleston in the 18th century" fact with a whole lot of New York City Was Where The Freedom Movement Started And Is A Melting Pot Of Many Peoples.

But it reaffirmed my love for history, especially old documents and ledgers. I kept being annoying to everyone around me who was trying to look at the pretty pictures, trying to get a better look at all the original documents they had everywhere. It made me totally yearn for afternoons in the Rare Books room back in Rochester. Like really crave, to the point where I want to try to sham a visit in two weeks. But I'll probably be too drunk to care, at that point.
All that history fun made me not really get too excited about eminent domain, surprise surprise. I need to get back on the boat of really getting into my schoolwork or i will Fail At Life.

speaking of failing at life, back to being sick. :-/


this weekend is kinda turning out to be a little depressing or otherwise uninspiring. I think it's the weather mixed with the following Bad Things:
1. Pretty much every team that I was rooting for in MLB playoffs is out in the first round. I'm really, really, really afraid of a Cards/White Sox matchup - where I will have to try to figure out who I really hate more. And the Bears lost today.
2. Neither Marie nor my postsecret was posted today. :(. Possibility at long-lasting anonymous fame is dwindling.
3. Rain! and lots of it!

However, Good Things happened too, so let's be Positive Positive (10 Gold knows the hand motions).
1. I got to see my cousin, her hubby and their babyyyyy. And he has GOT to be the cutest baby in the world. Like really, no joke. He knows a few words in sign language and was so well-behaved and I wanted to EAT HIM.
2. I got really pretty stationary at this store "Lincoln Stationary" which, Rochester folk, is akin to Parkleigh. EVERYONE'S GETTING LETTERS. be excited.
3. I got a lot of Property done this weekend with my marathons at the library. Eminent Domain is, as the kids say, my bitch.
5. I have reaffirmed my love for the Sunday Morning Brunch. And found an awesome place just 15 blocks north. And then I realized how much I like the 80s blocks of the Upper West Side a lot better than the Colombus Circle area. A lot of the side streets look like the Cosby Show neighborhood - and when I was imagining NYC, for some reason, that was always the picture that popped into my mind. Yalllarghhh, let's have some Jello!

awesome, positive positive list is longer than negatives. lovely!


I just got back to the library after making delish "onion surprise" - which has sucessfully allowed our apartment to smell like (a) Poland and (b) happiness.

It is rainy and cold outside, which, for some, may make the romance of NYC dimish a bit - but, no offense to Rochester folk - but there is something undeniably horrific about 323 cloudy days of precipitation that Rochester provides its residents September-May, that a little rain down here just can't compete with. And my window looks really cool (cause it's so high) when it gets littered with raindrops. It's like bizarro-skyline, and that's neat. :)

This whole three-day weekend is going to be devoted to fabulous studying. Because the next two weekends are going to be devoted to fabulous fun with fabulous people. :) :)


oh my word, school is wearing me out. i've been getting called on in all my classes, multiple times and I WANT IT TO STOP. unfortunately (read: fortunately) none of my professors read my blog, but seriously, no one in my section wants to hear my voice and incoherent mumblings. Today I got called on in prop and started blabbing on about the court being "vindictive" and petty all the while wondering if I was even talking about the right case. The entire time, my brain was on orange alert; ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION. And then the professor (I was talking about the right case, after all) was all like "So, you mean this" and proceeded to "sum up" my argument, which clearly had no relationship to my original blabbering. To which I responded, "YES." The man was throwing me a bone, thank goodness. BUT IT WOULD BE EASIER IF NO ONE ASKED MY OPINION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So laundry in our building is free. Which should be stellar. But I just tried to do laundry (because today is my last day of wearing bathing suit bottoms, and I don't know what the next step would be. welcome mat! welcome mat! welcome mat!) and since it's free, no one really bothers to (a) wash more than a pair of running shorts and a shoelace at a time and (b) actually physically move their clothes from the washing machine/dryer/counter/floor. So, in sum, I lugged my clothes all the way around the building for no good reason. Except to laugh at the 4 million signs all like "I lost a brown sock. If you accidentally picked it up, please return to 12B."
NO REALLY I'M NOT LYING. Actual sign. Actual wasted paper and ink for a brown sock. And you know this f*cktard (I know some people read this at work, and I don't want to "tag" you with my filthy, filthy mouth) washed his two brown socks and a bra alone, in a washing machine and left it there for two days. And this probably stems from my wierd psychosis about the cleanliness of things touching your body, but would you really want to wear a sock after it danced around in some stranger's sock drawer, mixing with his other socks and underwear? I say NO. Go to the gap and buy another pair of brown socks.


Things you should know

1. Doritos now has a fancyfancy slogan on the front of it's bag: "NOW BETTER TASTING" Which can only mean one thing: I had to gets me a bag. So I sucked up the 75 cents at yee olde vending machine in our hot dog themed cafe (read: yellow walls, pillars, chairs and i was wearing a red shirt which passed, for sake of metaphor, as ketchup), and bought myself a bag. I can't really remember the last time I had Nacho Cheesier Doritos so I don't know if they were necessarily better, but they were not that good. Lesson learned: when it doubt, Cooler Ranch is ALWAYS the way to go.

2. Fuego & Lindsay are coming to NYC in a week and a half. Which is most excellent. Though I am hoping that Pete gets un-homeless because two guests in our little apartment means SOMEONE'S sleeping on the floor. The floor upon which I have, in the last month, spilled coffee, diet coke, coffee (two more times), chicken broth and shampoo. And, unlike dog pee, you can't just "throw some newspaper on it" and pretend it doesn't exist. Who knew?

3. We still don't have a TV (damn the man!) but I have been able to get my fix of America's Next Top Model, the Amazing Race (usually, not a fan, but a girl i graduated with is on it, so i best witness my limited claim to fame), Daily Show & Family Guy through well-timed gym visits and because fabulous-roommate Maria hooked me up with a neato website from which to "borrow" TV shows onto my hard drive. I initially thought that downloading the TV shows would make me super-productive because I can watch them when I get home from the library where I'm usually just dicking around with my roommates ANYWAYS. And that really did last week. This week, however, I was all set up in the library, my Gilberts & Legalines all opened to eminent domain, highlighters primed and ready, coffee, red bull all set up. And, of course, I was watching the Daily Show. And so it goes. But that JonJon just rocks my socks.

4. Ryan, Marie's friend from undergrad with whom we hung out on Friday, implied that I am mildly psychotic in the way that I eat fruit on the bottom yogurt (yes, I was eating yogurt and watching March of the Penguins, thanks for asking. WHAT DO YOU DO ON FRIDAY NIGHTS, ASSTARD?) I do not mix fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. I think it's because no one ever told me that it's the socially-acceptable way to eat yogurt, and, as with most things except leaky ice cream cones, you generally eat from "top" to "bottom." Ryan thinks it was because I was abused as a child/my father didn't love me/I'm Catholic. Marie was unavailable for comment. :)

Good night and listen to The Fray - they are top-notch :)


I'm just about to run to the grocery store to get some deeelish sugar free red bull while my coffee brews (because tonight i plan to explode with fabulous energy directed at none other than my legal writing assignment) - but I got to thinking (Bad Sign): What if, instead of filling up the coffee basket with water, you used coffee instead. Three possible outcomes, and I am very interested in finding out which it may turn out to be:

1. Super-caffienated delicious coffee.
2. Super-caffienated DISGUSTING coffee.
3. Cappucinno-flavored Jelly Bellies.