Bananas go to law school, too!


oh my.

People. This needs to stop. My cat is disgusting.

I hear some squealing outside after work today and not 10 minutes later, my cat comes onto the porch with an entire rabbit. Rabbit, puffy tail. Rabbit, jumpy legs. Rabbit, dead.

And then my Evil Cat feasts on its innards. And outards. And then tires of the charade and leaves to the dark of the night. Leaving a bloody carcas for someone to clean up. Because Gah! I am a cat and cannot be bothered to a) finish a meal or b) clean up after myself.

And already long and rough day made WORSE. Part of me wants to use my fancypants camera and take a picture of it because THAT IS WHAT YOU CAME HERE FOR. Alright, since you ASKED...

On the left, death-rabbit draped with leaf from garden. How poetic, death cat.
On the right, my cat. Bored with death.


Point & Click

I'm so excited. I'm buying a fancy pants digital camera. I figure with the amount of money that I spend on cheap disposable cameras and their subsequent developing costs; not to mention the pictures end up being crap, I might as well suck it up and get myself a digital. Woohoo! I'm buying this baby today:

The Canon PowerShot SD500. It's super teeny and comes much-loved from Miss Sara and Miss Jenni. PERFECT. And I can't wait. Maybe I'll actually take pictures of law school life because right now, if you judge by my photo albums, I NEVER WENT TO LAW SCHOOL.

Part of me wanted to splurge on a SLR and become a fabulous professional photographer. Of course,since I am poor and the main purpose of my camera will be sweet drunk photos, a SLR isn't quite "what I need" right now. Maybe later, when I actually have a paycheck, I can be cool like that :)

That Walk-In Freezer at Work is Looking Mighty Nice

In a futile effort to try to NOT to die from over-heating every night, I've carefully positioned two rotating fans and one stationary box fans at perfect points in my room. The air-conditioning only works downstairs & since a) the house is extra creaky and noisy downstairs and b) I'm not in a fight with my wife, I haven't been sleeping on the couch like everyone tells me to do. Instead, super-fan placement and doing my best at capitalizing on the coveted "cross-breeze" and it seems to work. That, and taking more cold showers late at night than Peter Cook at a Hawaiian Tropic contest.

I watched Crash and Super Size Me recently and they are both awesome. The latter renewed my resolve never to go to a McDonald's again (it's been months as it is). The former was amazing. There's one scene which I won't describe, but if you've seen it you know what I'm talking about --- I don't think I've ever cried so much at a movie. Except maybe Father of the Bride. But Crash made me bawl like a baby. Not helping matters was two glasses of Cabernet. See both if you haven't yet. I give them five bananas!

I will leave you with a photo from Italy. Which makes me mega-jelaous of the They Who Don't Invite Me. Sigh.



PEOPLE! There is great news to behold! I will be returning to my favorite place on earth - LAW SCHOOL - in less than three weeks! I am honestly (not sarcastically bloggie) ridiculously excited. Why, you ask? Well, allow me to prepare my list. Because lists are lovely.

Why I Loves Me My Law School
1. Sigh, nyc. sigh. sigh. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and want! to! do! something! Here, in stinksville illinois, there is nothing to do after 10PM. Literally, city ordinance, can't keep things open after 10. Guess what time I get off work every night? That's right, 10PM. BUT NOT IN NYC. What to do at 2am after the library closes? Bar! Restaurant! DAVID BLAINE! See, choices.

2. I love learning. Really. I wish I could just be an eternal student and read and write instead "working." And I'm actually thrilled about my fall classes - Evidence! Corporations! International Law! Constitutional Land Use! Less so excited about "Fundamental Lawyering Skills" because that has a solid chance of being lame. But the other four, seriously, will be sweet.

3. I miss my friends & people.

4. On the same token, I am but a five hour bus ride to Boston. And DC. Which increases "favorite people" quotient by 300. Here, I am a bus ride away from [jazz hands] South Bend and [jazz hands] Millwaukee. They are the puka shells of the jewelry world. And NYC, you are my diamond.

5. August promises to be a great month. Yes, there will be majorly stressful interviews and such. However, the homework level will be hovering around 0 which means that there will be plenty of opportunities of good fun to be had. That means booze! Worth the 5 dollar surcharge for a beer to be in Manhattan.

Super soon, can't wait :)


More YouTube. Who am I?

Oh my word, please tell me why an INSURANCE commerical makes me cry. It's the Liberty Mutual "Responsibility" ad. People helping people! Tear!


I know everyone has been talking about how George Bush said "shit" when at the G8. Which, fine: drama drama drama, I can't believe he swore.

But what I really, really can't believe is how our president eats a piece of bread. He eats like a goon, biting it off, chomping with his mouth open and then talking with his mouth full. I can't get over it. At first, when I saw the clips, I thought they were actually just commenting about his eating habits. But, no, there's more. A shitstorm.

But is he trying so hard to be just a "regular southern guy" that he has to eat like a monkey?


Your finest rose`, please!

Oh my word, it is HOT here. Unbelievably hot. The kind of hot where I shoot angry daggar eyes at the token "Oh, we don't we sit on the patio? They have UMBRELLAS!" tables at the restaurant. This is because the woman is wear a low cut sundress that highlights her sun-spotted cleavage and I - I am wearing long black pants and a long sleeved collared shirt. And because my boss is "Penny wise but dollar foolish" (love that saying) and decided to start being especially frugal with the airconditiong inside. And the airconditioning in the kitchen/pizza oven room broke a week ago. But, no, functioning alcoholic lady, YOU sit outside in 99 degree heat. I will serve you with a smile.

So ever since the-thing-that-i-can't-talk-about happened, the kitchen has been rather short of staff. And the broken A/C doesn't really make for efficicent cooking. And, newsflash small, rotund child who orders a well-done steak while your parents order a cup of soup, well-done steak takes a bloody long time to cook! So, when your parents tire of your inane stories about Harry Potter and Ring Dings, and they are STILL waiting for your steak, they blame the situation on me. Somehow, even though the restaurant is packed, I found some time to take your son's steak, hold on to it, look at it admiringly and keep in the waitress zone just for kicks. And what KICKS they were. So don't tip me a shit tip becuase you order the longest-to-make thing on the menu and it takes a long time. I understand being hungry. I understand maybe being in a rush. But keep your pissy mood in MIND when you decide what to order.

That is all. Sorry about being a lame not-frequent blogger. It'll get better :)


ten ten ten things!

Everything's turning up banana. No, really. Lots of good news. Partially helped by two glasses of free wine thanks to my boss. Becuase he, like everyone else, hearts the banana. Allow me to list:

1. I didn't make Law Review. How is this good news? Well, it's not. But I got on all the OTHER NON-LAW REVIEW journals which, really, put together, have to equal law review. RIGHT??? RIGHT??? No. Wrong. Wrong.

2. However. TWO of the four other people in study group DID make law review. How awesome are they (who shall remain nameless, you know, becuase they're modest like that). AND the rest of study group is going to be on the same "other journal." Awesome! I love study group.

3. Sigh, I didn't make law review. life is over.

4. No, not it's not.

5. A table at the restaurant said I had the nicest teeth they've ever seen. That's right! They're great! And straight! Never had braces! Woohoo!

6. I got new jeans in the mail. Hot ass.

7. I made 25% in tips tonight. I am so great! No more law school for me!

8. No. Wrong. I love law school. I am literally counting the days until I get back.

9. I changed my address for NetFlix so now I can actually use it again. I watched the first season of Felicity. memmoooorrrrriiiiieeeessss!

10. I spend five hours every day IMing Sara during work discussing the following concepts:
a) things we would buy from Sephora
b) things we would buy from Overstock
c) our ridiculous and horrible co-workers
d) OUR NEW FABULOUS JEWLERY COMPANY. And you will buy our beautiful creations. Promise.

So, yes, 10 (kinda) things that make me in a good mood. 1 thing that makes me grumpy bones:
1. I have to go to work tomorrow.


You know you wanna...

The Summer of Self Improvement is chugging along. Or so I'm letting myself believe. I won't go into too many details, but I'm learning languages, starting businesses, reading lots. It's great. Even if my jobs aren't the more fantabulous things out there, there is GOOD in the world. Oh yea, and I'm getting really good at drinking a lot. Another important skill as a soon-to-be lawyer, no?

IN OTHER of my other goals has been to be more creative. Unlike my painting that 10 Gold PROUDLY hung in the kitchen (LOST AT SEA: acrylic on canvas), I am trying to follow through and do more than "one" of something. TO THAT END, I am participating in an artsy craftsy thing Roommate Marie (who, really, can no longer be dubbed as such, but whatever) is organizing. It's called a "Fat Book." Mhmmm....yummy. Not really edible, BUT you can both read more AND sign up here. I know there are some Kreative Kats out there in bloggie land, you should sign up. Yes you should!!!

I have SO MANY restaurant stories but I get nervous posting them the week they happen. So, soon, young grasshopper, you will be getting MANY MANY MANY stories of food service craziness. Promise.



This might be a purely 1L move - and now that I'm a big, grown-up 2L I should bother, but give me a break!! Anyway - I am very very excited. Why? I BEAT CLAIRE HUXTABLE TO THE PROPERTY LAW PUNCH!!!!

Yes, THE Claire Huxtable. I was watching a little early morning fave - The Cosby Show - and there's a substory of Claire having a Big Case at the Big Law firm. A big company wanted to tear town a tiny! and cute! playground - the company owned the property.


and TWO! WHOLE! SCENES! LATER! Claire mentions the old AP. That's right, I beat Mrs. Huxtable. Who does that? ME!